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The Scottish Agritourism Sector Group is a joint undertaking of the public and private sector, both at home and abroad. They have expertise in agritourism, farming, crofting, food and drink, and tourism.

The group helps the Scottish Government with policies on these issues. By taking in best practice from around the world, they aim to grow these aforementioned sectors in Scotland.

Agritourism has a strong “agri” (food & drink and experiential) component. This will help it stand out as a differentiated market offering.

The group gives advice on what type of experiences / activities or capital grant support available. They want to offer this support to businesses entering the sector or looking to grow.

1. What are the ambitions of the agritourism sector?

  • Be a national and international destination for agritourism

    The local and Scottish urban markets are as important to the sector as the UK and international markets.

    Scotland can drive economic impact for the rural economy, using its high-quality / welfare farm produce. But it can also do so by leaning on its history of farm hospitality, authentic people, stunning landscapes, and farming culture.

  • Be the sales and marketing arm of Scottish agriculture

    The group wants to bring thousands of people on to Scottish farms each year, building demand for Scottish farm produce.

    This makes Scotland the “go-to” place to buy farm food and drink, and taste great food.

  • Help visitors understand responsible tourism

    The group wants to help Scotland lead the way in net zero rural tourism. This means complementing environmental and biodiversity good practice in farming businesses.

    This will help Scotland being the visitor destination for exercise and to access green spaces.


  • Help sustain the future of the family farm in Scotland

    The group wants to provide a vital extra income stream from an activity which supports and benefits agriculture. This will help to ease the impact of subsidy changes.

    The group continues to play a key role in facilitating careers for women. We want them to become decision makers / owners in the farming business or connected tourism business of the farm.

2. 2022 Scottish Agritourism Growth Tracker results

In 2022, we asked Scotland’s farms, crofts and estates to take part in an annual census. This helps us to understand how we can to grow the agritourism sector and to establish the size and scale of the industry.

The survey findings showed the value of including a food and drink experience in the Scottish agritourism offering.

Over a third of agritourism businesses are offering food and drink consumption on site. This can include farm produce enjoyed as part of a holiday on a farm, in a farm café or after a farm tour.

More than half of respondents said they sell their produce online (55%), in an on-farm shop (36%), or via an on-farm honesty box (29%). 

The tracker was undertaken in July 2022. It based its findings on the responses of 221 farms which is a 23% increase in responses from the previous year.

Agritourism Tracker Results 2022

Published December 2022

Download the full Scottish Agritourism Growth Tracker 2022 results PDF

3. 2021 Scottish Agritourism Growth Tracker results

In June 2021, we measured the potential of Scotland’s agritourism industry for the first time. We found that as well as the opportunity for strong economic growth, the industry played an important role in:

  • sustaining and creating rural jobs

  • supporting vital family employment

  • providing equal and inclusive roles for men and woman across various ages and skill levels

The tracker based its findings on the responses of 179 farms. Two thirds of which were actively involved in agritourism – one third considered agritourism.

Scottish Agritourism Growth Tracker 2021 results

Published March 2022

Download the full Scottish Agritourism Growth Tracker 2021 results PDF

4. What is Scottish Agritourism 2030?

Scottish agritourism 2030 – The strategy for sustainable growth sets out a shared vision for the sector. The vision aims to:

  • sustainably develop the rural economy

  • protect family farms for future generations

  • build consumer awareness and loyalty towards local produce

  • celebrate the history and heritage of these important Scottish communities

We will support the strategy with a staged action plan. The plan will include a collaborative approach from the public and private sectors, both in at home and abroad. Other objectives include:

  • attracting and retaining a skilled, committed and diverse workforce

  • creating and promoting a thriving and responsible sector

  • increasing the number of working farms that offer a food and drink experience

There is growing consumer interest in food provenance and sustainable tourism. We expect that the strategy will position agritourism at the forefront of visitors’ minds. This way, they'll seek ways to enjoy, appreciate and understand the best of Scotland’s natural larder.

Scottish Agritourism 2030 – The Strategy for Sustainable Growth

Published November 2021

5. The Scottish Agritourism Sector Group | meeting notes and actions

Agritourism | Old Leckie Farm

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