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Funding update - January 2022

In January 2022, funding of up to £9 million for tourism was announced by the Scottish Government to mitigate the impact of public health measures introduced to limit the rapid spread of the Omicron variant. 

The money is designed to recognise the economic impact of the steps people were asked to take from early December 2021 and the restrictions in place affecting some sectors since then.

Businesses which were previously supported by VisitScotland under both the Scotland Inbound Tour Operators and Scotland Day Tour Operators Funds will be contacted directly by email and asked to confirm basic information before payments are made. Once businesses have responded, we will carry out further finance checks before issuing payment. We hope to pay businesses within no more than ten working days of their applying for the funds.

Eligible businesses will receive a top-up payment of £6,800 under the Fund.

Scotland Tour Operators Fund

Please note that applications for both the Scotland Day Tour Operators COVID-19 Business Support and Continuity Fund and the Scotland Inbound Tour Operators – COVID-19 Business Support and Continuity Fund are now closed. Applicants were made aware of the outcome of their application before the end of April 2021.

On behalf of the Scottish Government we had widened the scope of the Scotland Inbound Tour Operators – COVID-19 Business Support and Continuity Fund criteria and introduced a new fund - the Scotland Day Tour Operators – COVID-19 Business Support and Continuity Fund to support more Scottish based businesses in the tour operator sector critical to Scotland’s tourism economy.

About the Funds

The £15 million fund was delivered by VisitScotland on behalf of the Scottish Government and developed with input from the Scottish Tourism Alliance, the Scottish Destination Management Association, the Scottish Incoming Golf Tour Operators Association, UK Inbound and the Scottish Independent Tour Operators Association. 

Due to the complexity and breadth of businesses, a two-strand approach to grant funding was necessary to meet the needs of the sector.  

The two strands were: 

  • Scotland Inbound Tour Operators - COVID-19 Business Support and Continuity Fund  
  • Scotland Day Tour Operators - COVID-19 Business Support and Continuity Fund

Please check the comprehensive application guidance for more information

Questions about the Fund

If you have any queries about the Funds, please contact