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Please note that applications for the Days Out Incentive Fund are now closed. 

About the Fund

Visitor attractions and experiences play an important role in both the tourism industry and in local communities in Scotland. The Days Out Incentive Fund is intended to support the recovery of tourism businesses following the pandemic and to encourage visitation to visitor attractions and experiences across Scotland, in the off-season.

The Fund will deliver against four main objectives:

  • To boost regional investment, stimulating spend for visitor attractions, day tour excursions and activities 
  • To address challenges of low demand by stimulating spend on quieter days and encouraging more off-season and non-peak activity uptake 
  • To help businesses remain viable and build new visitor audiences 
  • To rebuild consumer confidence in the face of COVID-19

The £4 million Days Out Incentive Fund is being delivered by VisitScotland, on behalf of the Scottish Government, with development input from the Association of Scottish Visitor Attractions (ASVA). The total value is £4 million.

The Fund allows successful applicants to participate in a consumer-facing promotion, to stimulate demand and usage of Scotland’s visitor attractions, day tour excursions and activities over the off-season.

It is part of the tourism recovery programme, developed by the Scottish Tourism Emergency Response Group (STERG) in collaboration with members of the Tourism Task Force. Please refer to the guidance for full details. 

Great Day Out in Scotland

We've launched a new campaign encouraging people across Scotland to experience a Great Day Out across the country this winter.

Whether it's visiting the lions at Five Sisters Zoo or enjoying a chocolate tasting experience from Master Chocolatier Iain Burnett in Perthshire, the Great Days Out in Scotland campaign will bring many of the country’s fantastic attractions and experiences to life.  

If your business has already been successful in the Days Out Incentive Fund, our promotional toolkit will provide all the information you need to help you promote the offer to your potential visitors.

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