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While we can’t claim to predict the future, we do continually evaluate the consumer environment looking for new directions the tourism industry may end up taking. We want to help Scottish tourism providers prepare for the future by identifying changes in consumer behaviour, technology and our environment. 

Our Futures papers fast-forward our thinking to consider the long-term trajectory of tourism around the world and in Scotland. 

Navigating the New Normal

Published September 2020

How has the coronavirus affected tourism demand? Convenience, Reassurance, Value, Inspiration and Connection are seen as key consumer drivers in the era of COVID-19. The tourism sector needs to look to innovate and be agile for a responsible and sustainable recovery.

Tourism Futures 2069

Published March 2019

What will tourism look like in 2069? We take a leap into the future and see what visitors might be enjoying on their trips to Scotland.

If you are interested in exploring more about the trends that are impacting the Scottish tourism industry, then you may like to take a look at a report commissioned by Scottish Enterprise, Megatrends impacting Scottish tourism to 2025: opportunities for Scotland, which looks at the future of the Scottish tourism industry from a global perspective. 

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