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Monitoring your success

In partnership with local councils and destination organisations, we have been inviting businesses to participate in our survey to capture tourism business performance in their regions.

This survey is conducted quarterly and is anonymous. We use the results at a regional level to provide timely feedback to businesses on how tourism in their area is performing. 
Survey results will be presented at a regional and a sectoral level, providing a snapshot of how tourism is performing in both cases, allowing you to:
•    Make informed decisions about your business
•    Identify opportunities for growth and gaps in the market
•    Have evidence to support investment decisions


Supporting tourism in your destination - the Local Tourism Industry Barometer

Published July 2019

The Q4 2019 results are now available!


Results from Q2 2018 onwards are available at a national, regional, sub-regional and sector level via our dashboard. 

Local Tourism Industry Barometer - The Results


We have also created a video to help you get the most out of the data. 

If your area has participated in the survey before and you’d like the previous quarter’s results then please contact