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Article published 12/03/2024

Today (12 March) we’ve announced a partnership with Tourism Cares to profile trade-ready, responsible tourism experiences in Scotland. These experiences feature within an interactive Meaningful Travel Map, which are promoted to a network of global tour operators. 

Tourism Cares is a US non-profit organisation dedicated to advancing sustainability within the tourism industry, with a global vision that travel and tourism can be a force for good.

Scotland is the first European destination to feature on the map, which marks a significant milestone for Tourism Cares.

Reaching global tour operators

With over 60% of our international visitors booking part, or all of their holiday in the UK, as a package, we recognise the important role tour operators play in bringing international visitors to Scotland.

We work with travel intermediaries, such as tour operators, travel advisors and travel agents to inspire and include responsible tourism experiences within itineraries and programmes to Scotland.

The Meaningful Travel Map brings tourism experiences with positive local impact to the attention of their global network of tour operators and key influencers in the travel industry.

Working closely with the US Tour Operator Association, Tourism Cares has a membership of more than 160 global travel advisors, tour operators and airlines, reaching millions of travellers each year who are planning and booking their holidays.

A young person looking at a Tapestry on a wall

Experiences on the map

We’ve worked with Tourism Cares to identify a selection travel-trade ready tourism experiences for inclusion within the map that align with Tourism Cares’ criteria and our own responsible tourism objectives.

  • Argaty Red Kites
  • Comrie Croft
  • Dundreggan Rewilding Centre
  • Galloway & Southern Ayrshire UNESCO Biosphere
  • Long Island Retreats
  • Mercat Tours
  • Murton Trust – Murton Farm
  • Radical Weavers
  • SCOTLAND: The Big Picture
  • The Great Tapestry of Scotland
  • The Scottish Crannog Centre
  • The Scottish Seabird Centre
  • Trimontium Museum
  • Wild Discovery
  • Wreckspeditions

At Trimontium we are committed to responsible tourism and creating a positive impact to the local and global community, for people and the environment. We are thrilled to be involved in such an innovative project and we cannot wait to connect with other individuals and organisations making a difference in the world of tourism through this wonderful platform.

Thania M. Flores, Heritage Environment Resources Officer Collections, Archives & Programmes, The Trimontium Trust & Museum

How can your business get involved?

The Meaningful Travel Map is a free marketing opportunity for your tourism product, to showcase your business to visitors who want to have meaningful, memorable experiences while being considerate to host communities.

For business looking to get involved, take a look at the criteria on Tourism Cares website

If you are travel-trade ready, are driving positive change in your local area, and you meet the Tourism Cares criteria, we’d love to hear from you.

Our team can also advise on all aspects of working with travel trade. If you're new to this, or would like to find out more or discuss your application, please email our team at

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