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Article published 07/06/2024

Last week, An Comunn Gàidhealach, organisers of The Royal National Mòd, announced the next two locations for the festival in 2026 and 2027. Glasgow is set to host the annual celebration of Gaelic language in 2026, before passing the baton to the Outer Hebrides in 2027. 

2026 location: Glasgow

Confirmed to take place in Glasgow between 9-17 October 2026, Gaeldom's most highly anticipated annual event will take over the city with presitgious competitions, performances and cultural activities for all ages across the week.

The city is renowned for its strong links to Gaelic language, culture and community with many talented traditional musicians, singers, and Gaelic speakers hailing from or choosing to settle in the thriving area.

Glasgow last hosted the event in 2019, when more than 12,000 people flocked to the city to compete and take part in the array of events on offer, generating over £3.2 million for the local economy. 81% of visitors that came to Glasgow during this time did so to celebrate Scottish culture at the Mòd. 

Black Isle Gaelic Choir performing at The Royal National Mòd 2023 in Paisley. Credit: An Comunn Gàidhealach.

2027 location: Outer Hebrides

Three years from now, The Royal National Mòd will return to the Outer Hebrides for the seventh time, taking place in venues around Stornoway between 8-16 October 2027.

An area with a deep-seated Gaelic heritage, the latest census shows the Outer Hebrides has the highest percentage of Gaelic speakers in Scotland with more than 57% of the local population having some skills in the language.

The Mòd was last held there in 2016, providing a £2.4 million boost to the local economy and welcoming over 7,500 visitors. 

Royal National Mòd, Paisley 2023, Women's Learn Gaelic Mod Cup, Glaschu v Alba. Credit: An Comunn Gàidhealach.

About The Royal National Mòd

The Royal National Mòd is a competitive festival owned and organised by An Comunn Gàidhealach, whose objective is to promote Gaelic language and culture through music, song, dance, drama, literature, and the arts. It attracts Gaelic communities from across the UK, Ireland, Australia, Canada, the USA and beyond. 

The Gaelic word “mòd” means “a gathering of people” and this festival was first held in Oban in 1892, and it has grown to become Scotland’s premier Gaelic festival famous for celebrating our Gaelic linguistic and cultural heritage.

The Royal National Mòd is the principal Gaelic language festival, and it takes place annually in October in different locations throughout Scotland. This year’s Royal National Mòd will take place in Oban between 11-19 October 2024, before Lochaber hosts from 10-18 October 2025. 

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