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Article published 25/01/2024

We know trends are incredibly helpful when it comes to planning how to attract more visitors to your business. It’s important to understand what sort of experiences and behaviours are influencing travel plans.

Knowing this, can allow you to adapt and tailor your offering so that you are providing something that people want.

To understand what’s hot in global travel, we have commissioned a report by Euromonitor to look at the travel trends of Scotland for the next three years.

The report – which includes case studies and a profile of traveller types – provides insight into consumer behaviour which will help businesses to shape their tourism offering.

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Read the full report to find out more

The report identifies three key trends for Scotland

  • 1. People with passion

    Scotland is famous for its warm welcome and that’s a particular strength that could come into play in future years.

    This trend focuses on putting people first. It’s about marketing strategies that speak to individuals.

    It highlights the need to “nurture the local character and authenticity to draw visitors while balancing innovation with tradition.”

  • 2. Places and Immersive Experiences

    There is a global shift towards meaningful travel. This trend presents an opportunity for businesses to craft experiences that focus on our country’s hidden treasures.

    This will allow visitors to connect with Scotland’s heritage, landscapes and people in a way that feels personal and direct. Digital innovation will play a key role in enabling visitors to do this.

  • 3. Power to change

    We have a new generation of visitors increasingly eager to access responsible and meaningful experiences and events.

    This trend supports ambitions to make Scotland a leading destination for responsible tourism. Businesses will need to continue to adapt and embrace to fulfil this consumer desire.

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