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Article published 13/10/2023

We live in an ever-expanding world of travel and tourism. Destination brand building is thus a crucial aspect of attracting visitors and boosting a region's economy.

One powerful tool is the inclusion of a destination in "world's best" lists published by esteemed travel magazines. These lists can significantly impact a destination's reputation, visibility, and credibility.

Ultimately, these lists will influence visitors’ choices when booking a holiday.

Making Scotland the place to be in 2023 and beyond

Each year during autumn, the global PR team gathers information for pitching What’s New in Scotland for the coming year to key editorial contacts.

The first release of this information is typically in November. The timing is important, since that’s when editors begin planning their content calendars for the year ahead.

Last year, many travel publications were telling their readers that Scotland would be the place to be for 2023. With an uplift in visitor numbers, this has proven true.

This messaging was seen across various titles for various locations across the country, including:

  • Edinburgh for new hotel openings
  • Glasgow for the UCI World Championships
  • The Highlands for rewilding and responsible tourism
  • Kilmartin Glen for its upcoming museum opening
  • Perthshire for the Scottish Crannog Centre
  • Dumfries & Galloway and the Scottish Borders for the South of Scotland cycle route

Securing accolades and spots on “where to go” lists positions Scotland on a world stage. The country stands with destinations such as New Zealand, Martinique, Australia, the United States, Norway, and many more.

It’s hugely rewarding to see a variety of locations across Scotland included.

Accolades and inclusions

2023 has been a particularly special year with the following accolades and inclusions for either places in Scotland or Scotland as a whole. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list.

How do we get Scotland on "world's best" lists?

Being on these highly coveted lists and accolades is as a result of ongoing conversations. The global PR team pitches and builds relationships over the course of many years.

This shapes the story and builds Scotland’s reputation internationally. Once the time comes for editors to put their lists together, we've therefore ensured that Scotland is at the front of their minds.

We ensure that our media contacts are up to speed on all things Scotland through:

  • consistent storytelling
  • meeting with media
  • issuing press releases
  • hosting trips

We call it a journey because from one initial meeting, a conversation can develop slowly over time.

To keep our stories fresh and up to date, we’re incredibly grateful for the support we receive from across the tourism industry.

Some of our sources include news and updates from Industry Relationship Managers, our regions and our partners.

We're currently gathering pitching material for new things in Scotland in 2024.

We'll distribute this to approximately 2500 press contacts in key markets in November. Thereafter, it can be used at upcoming opportunities to meet the media in person.

If you have any updates or stories you'd like us to tell, we'd love to hear it.

Send us your story or news update

Recent coverage | Spotlight on cycling

When we supported the UCI Cycling World Championships 2023, our PR goal was to get people cycling in Scotland as part of a bigger holiday. We aimed this messaging to a travel and lifestyle media audience.

This complemented the approach of other teams that focused on news and dedicated cycling media. This collaborative approach ensured that we could push our message further with fewer resources.

The results have been overwhelmingly positive.

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