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Article published 17/03/2023

London and Scotland - the perfect dual destination trip

We’ve been working alongside London & Partners in partnership with Expedia Group Media Solutions and Caledonian Sleeper to deliver a brand new campaign.

Running from March to May, this new London and Scotland dual destination campaign is part of VisitBritain’s Gateway Innovation Fund. 

With a large proportion of US visitors arriving to the UK via London, this activity aims to drive increased visits and spend from our target audiences in the US, as part of the same trip. It will position London and Scotland as the perfect dual destination trip for US visitors and highlight the ease of travel between both locations.  

The campaign forms part of London & Partner’s successful bid for VisitBritain’s Gateway Innovation Fund. The Fund encourages collaboration between destinations and industry to develop international marketing campaigns to showcase the very best of a region, motivating travel this year.

Joining Expedia Group Media Solutions as an exclusive transport partner is Caledonian Sleeper who will feature in the campaign and on Expedia's website promoting their overnight rail services as a convenient and sustainable travel option between both destinations.  

The campaign is backed by Destination Management Organisations (DMOs) - Glasgow Life, VisitAberdeenshire, Visit Inverness Loch Ness, and Forever Edinburgh - the capital’s destination marketing and promotions brand for visitors - to ensure regional spread and provide additional support through their channels.  

Further marketing activity with Expedia

  • Glasgow Life are also running promotional activity with Expedia to complement this campaign with a Glasgow specific focus. This activity has been live since 23 January 2023 and will run until 31 March 2023, targeting a US audience. 
  • We're also running a campaign with Expedia which has been live since October last year - you can find out more about this activity on our website.

Browse the marketing images

Take a look though some of the marketing images featuring Scottish locations used in the campaign. 

Reaching a new audience through Expedia

Expedia Group™ Media Solutions, the advertising organisation of Expedia Group, offers industry expertise and digital marketing activity that allows businesses to reach, engage, and influence travellers around the world.

This campaign will be run in the US market across, and is  expected to create over 25 million impressions. This will be focused on growing awareness of both London and Scotland to the US audience and driving conversion across

How can your business get involved?

If your business is listed on Expedia, take the time to update your profile / listing so you can benefit from the extra traffic generated by the campaign.  

Businesses can take part in promotional activity to help their listing stand out, increase visibility and likelihood of bookings at their property. Expedia will be communicating further details to businesses.  

If you have any questions about updating your listing or listing your property on Expedia please visit the Expedia Partner Central website or call 0203 027 8181.

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