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Article published 11/11/2021

On Wednesday 10 November, Scottish Government officials were joined by industry representatives from Scottish Rugby, DF Concerts and Glasgow’s O2 Academy for a free event industry webinar on vaccination certification and baseline mitigations hosted by our Events Directorate.

Attendees were provided with a recap on the scheme from the Scottish Government including an update on recent developments across the COVID Status and COVID Check Apps. The Scottish Government also shared several useful links on their website with the group:

Industry representatives shared their own reflections and experiences of applying certification checks at recent live events and the key lessons learnt. All reinforced the need for clear pre-event communication highlighting what audiences would be expected to see and comply with at events in relation to COVID certification and baseline mitigations, as well as the need to have escalation processes in place in the event of entry refusal to help ease any frontline stewarding pressures. Suggestions including pre-prepared letters in the event of refusal of entry were also shared as potential solutions to help any demands placed on event staff. 

There was recognition that the process has been relatively smooth thus far in most cases, however feedback also indicated that as well as being labour intensive with additional costs incurred for extra staffing and equipment, there have been some issues around the additional time taken at points of entry. Feedback was also provided from industry representatives and attendees around the need for further clarity regarding evidence of medical exemption to help communications with the general public attending events, and more broadly whether a recent negative lateral flow test could be included in the scheme as an alternative to proof of vaccination for any future updates to the current scheme.

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