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Our marketing teams continue to play a key role in keeping Scotland top of mind with potential visitors of the future; and supporting our intermediary partners in destination training and planning new tours to Scotland. As we map our recovery, we must recognise we are now operating in a new tourism landscape. 

A phased approach to planning and activity

  1. 1


    All non-essential travel is banned. Objective to keep yourself and Scotland safe. Messaging to dream now, travel later.

  2. 2


    Non-essential travel ban still in place. Objective to keep Scotland top of mind and to build advocacy and trust. Messaging of 'Only in Scotland' alongside dream now, travel later.

  3. 3


    Broader travel restrictions are in place, but local restrictions have been lifted (but knowing that there may be tighter restrictions imposed at any time). Objective to reconnect Scots with Scotland. Messaging of 'Only in Scotland', while encouraging Scots to take day trips. UK visitors to start planning short breaks and continuing inspirational content for international visitors.

  4. 4


    A. Domestic movement 

    UK wide travel restrictions have been lifted. Objective to increase demand for short-notice holidays to Scotland. Messaging of 'Only in Scotland', while encouraging UK visitors to book short breaks and international visitors to start planning their Scotland holidays.

    B. International movement 

    Markets opening up again, and international travel intent and consumer confidence growing. Messaging of 'Only in Scotland', while encouraging people to book their holidays to Scotland.


  5. 5


    Reinvigoration of market - support widespread industry renewal and reinvigoration of tourism, whilst meeting the emerging needs of a changing visitor profile. 

Objectives for Restart / Recovery

Build national pride

Encourage local, responsible travel within Scotland for day trips, holidays and breaks.

Reassure Scotland

Take a responsible approach to attracting visitors, encouraging safe and responsible behaviour.

Gather intelligence

Engage with industry and partners to gather intelligence to inform our messaging and media approach.

Seasonal spread

Looking beyond summer to excite visitors about what Scotland offers in the autumn and winter months.