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International recovery plan for Scottish tourism

International visitors are keen to return to travel as soon as they are able. We know there is a lot of pent up demand and deferred holidays in our key international markets, and as soon as international travel has been permissible, we activated our ‘rapid response’ paid social activity. This involved sharing social posts that direct people to our frequently updated COVID-19 web pages, that provide our visitors with all the latest information and links around testing, isolation requirements and contact tracing. 

We need to ensure that Scotland is top of mind when people are considering their next international holiday, and using investment from the Scottish Government’s Tourism Recovery Fund, we have launched (30 September) our new ‘Scotland is Calling’ global campaign in our priority markets.  

Significant investment in our key markets will enable us to share a series of inspirational films about what people can enjoy on a holiday to Scotland, through highly targeted digital activity – identifying those people that are actively seeking international holidays, and who have the profile of the types of visitors we’re looking to attract.   

We’ll work with media and content partners to deliver supporting activity that creates a ‘buzz’ at key planning and booking times. 

We’ll also be working with intermediary partners to ensure they are sharing our key messages about Scotland and our new campaign videos. To ensure that Scotland appears for people that are searching for European (NA) or UK (EU) holidays, we’ll be working with Online Travel Agent- Expedia in North America and Europe.

This will all be underpinned by our ongoing activity through our owned channels – social, email and web site, as well as earned activity through influencers, PR and intermediary partners.