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Domestic recovery plan for Scottish tourism

Our first stage of domestic media activity ran in phase two, from 22 June – 14 July using localised paid social ads where we could be highly targeted and turn activity on and off very quickly as and when required.  The Facebook adverts targeted Scotland's regions, encouraging locals to plan what they will do first within their area.

As we move into phase three, we will launch a high profile campaign on 15 July encouraging Scots to travel local to make a big difference.  Spanning the summer into autumn, this activity will use a mix of platforms including; TV, radio, digital, social and press to inspire visitors to holiday at home.  We are also partnering with online travel agents to drive interest and encourage bookings.  This will be followed with a similar mix of activity targeting the rest of UK and Ireland audiences by the end of  July.   We’ll encourage visitors to ‘know before you go’ to promote responsible tourism in the widest sense and we’ll continue to work with industry and travel partners to provide them with insight and information to help them welcome visitors as soon as they can.  Throughout all activity we will monitor the circumstances closely, to allow us to react quickly and make any necessary changes.

We encourage you to get involved with our recovery activity to extend messaging and awareness via your channels to maximise the impact.  You can do this by sharing our new content assets like our hero film below or look out for it on our social channels. If you have a marketing budget and want to get involved with our activities from a paid perspective, please email for more details.

Find the latest insights on our visitors from the UK page.

Only in Scotland: Why Scotland Needs You (120 second video)

Steps to domestic recovery

Domestic recovery stages

Credit VisitScotland

Domestic recovery stages

Published June 2020

Driving domestic recovery by targeting visitors at every stage of the customer journey

UK recovery stages wheel diagram

UK recovery strategy customer journey

Published June 2020