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Our Corporate Plan directly supports the Scottish Government’s Economic Strategy and outlines what we intend to do to contribute to the government’s purpose to increase sustainable economic growth.

In the face of a changing economic and operating environment it is important that everyone involved in tourism works in partnership to identify and realise the opportunities which exist to deliver sustainable economic growth now and in the future.

Our purpose is to grow and develop the sustainable economic benefit of tourism to Scotland’s visitor economy. 

Our Corporate Plan outlines what we will do and how we will achieve our corporate objectives.

Our Corporate Plan 2017 - 20

Published October 2019

Plana Corporra VisitScotland 2017 - 20

Published November 2019

Our core purpose and vision

Our core purpose is to deliver sustainable and inclusive economic growth throughout Scotland.

Our vision is to be a leading National Tourism Organisation which makes a significant contribution to Scotland’s economy and people the length and breadth of the country through our activities domestically and internationally. In delivering this vision we will ensure our activities are aligned to the two key pillars of Scotland’s Economic Strategy, namely increasing competitiveness and tackling inequality.

To deliver our core purpose and our vision we will adopt five strategies:

  1. Marketing: we will drive advocacy by inspiring a national movement, helping to facilitate this global advocacy with quality information, content and advice, and empowering and enabling the Scottish tourism industry, in particular our large SME base, to seize the opportunities that the digital economy presents
  2. Events: we will support the delivery of the national events strategy, Scotland the Perfect Stage, working with partners to sustain, develop and promote Scotland’s international profile as one of the world’s foremost public-facing events destinations and as the perfect stage for events
  3. Quality and sustainability: we will promote and facilitate the continuous improvement of total quality of the visitor experience in Scotland, building on the strong foundation and economic impact delivered to date by the Quality Assurance Schemes and ensuring that a sustainable approach is taken to developing the industry
  4. Inclusive tourism: we will strive to make tourism in Scotland inclusive and available to all, engaging with and listening to our partners and stakeholders to ensure that every corner of Scotland benefits from tourism
  5. International engagement: we will work across a wide range of audiences, including other Team Scotland Partners such as Scottish Government, Scottish Development International (SDI) and VisitBritain; the international travel trade; Associations; other National Tourism Organisations; and academia, alumni and Diaspora networks to better understand international opportunities and optimise the potential that increased internationalisation of the tourism industry represents. 

Letter of Strategic Guidance

Guidance letter from the Scottish Government outlining our priorities for the year. 

Letter of Strategic Guidance 2019-20

Published August 2019