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Article published 22/05/2024

Tourism economic impact for Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire

The economic impact of tourism in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire in 2023 was worth £1.1 billion, according to independent research conducted by Global Tourism Solutions (GTS), using the Scottish Tourism Economic Activity Monitor (STEAM) model. 

This highlights an increase of 32% for tourism’s economic impact since 2019 for the region. 

Key drivers of this growth for 2023, as detailed in the report, included:


  • Over three million staying visitors, an increase of 47.1% on 2019
  • Direct employment of 11,000 full-time equivalent jobs, an increase of 16.7% on 2019
  • Over 2.5 million day visitors to Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire, an 18.7% increase on 2019. 

This data was gathered from analysing accommodation occupancy, visitor attractions data, as well as figures from local festivals and events, venues and transport providers. This gave an overview of activity in the Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire for 2023.

Visitors on a tour of Aberdeen Art Gallery.

Further key stats from the STEAM report

Other headline statistics from the report include:

  • £223 million was spent on accommodation within the region, up 35% on 2019
  • £178 million was spent on food and drink in the region, representing an increase of 31.3% on 2019
  • £220 million was spent on transport, up 33% on 2019.

In comparison to 2022 figures:

  • The region attracted over 3 million staying visitors in 2023, up 32.7% on 2022
  • The tourism sector directly employed 11,000 full-time equivalent jobs in 2023, across Aberdeen city and Aberdeenshire, a 9.3% increase on 2022
  • Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire welcomed over 2.5 million day visitors, up 18.6% on 2022.

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