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This directorate plays a key role in delivering our responsible tourism ambition. It has a strategic focus on inclusive and sustainable growth.

Through a data and insight led approach, we ensure that Scotland is discoverable in key markets. We do the same for the channels visitors are using for travel inspiration, planning, and booking.

Key priorities include:

  • regional and seasonal visitor spread, resulting in a positive impact in communities and destinations across Scotland

  • working collaboratively with industry stakeholders

  • inspiring and influencing visitors to make responsible choices

  • ensuring diversity and inclusion across all our platforms and activities

  • promoting the natural and cultural heritage of Scotland and the protection of it for future generations

Brand and Global Marketing

Led by Cat Leaver, this department is responsible for:

  • providing strategic leadership
  • innovation across all elements of brand identity, creative, and marketing delivery

The department consists of four teams: Design, Multimedia, Global Marketing, and PR. Each team plays a pivotal role in driving responsible growth of the visitor economy through:

  • guardianship of our destination brand
  • close working with industry and sectors
  • our associated marketing activation, including partnership marketing activity for both business-to-consumer and business-to-business

Through collaboration and in-house expertise, the teams also deliver strategic projects and programmes. This is both across our organisation and with wider strategic partners. The latter includes leading on our involvement in the Brand Scotland partnership.

Digital Delivery

Led by Allan Henderson, this department consists of the following specialist technical teams:

  • User Experience (UX)
  • Solutions Architecture
  • Project & Programme Management
  • Web Operations

Together, these teams cover the complete software development lifecycle. They work in cross-functional Agile teams within the Scrum methodology.

This department delivers a portfolio of strategic digital programmes across VisitScotland. This includes the flagship websites and They work along with marketing, data, events, and business process improvement projects.

Intermediary Marketing

Led by Denise Hill, this department focuses on ensuring that demand for Scotland is converted into actual visits. It makes sure visitors are able to find the products and experiences they are looking for via the booking channels they prefer and trust.

Around half of visitors across Scotland's key markets use travel intermediaries to book some or all of their travel. So developing the offering of those intermediaries, who can best position and sell Scotland to these target audiences, is key.

They help Scottish tourism businesses to be travel trade ready and to internationalise. They understand the product and booking needs of the consumer. In short, the department helps businesses develop the products visitors will want in the future.

They work to grow Scotland’s share of the global travel market and ensure the offering meets the needs of the evolving consumer.

They work in partnership with stakeholders in various markets to gain vital insights into both current and future demand. Stakeholders include:

  • VisitBritain
  • Scottish Government
  • Scottish Development International
  • The optimal intermediary mix for each market
    • Destination Management Companies
    • tour operators
    • travel consultants
    • wholesalers

Partnerships also include our work with airlines and ferry partners. This is to ensure access is maintained and capacity further developed to support growth from current and future markets.

Performance Marketing

Led by Leanne Mallon, this department is formed of digital and data marketing experts across:

  • Content
  • Social Media & Influencer Marketing
  • Performance Media
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Email Marketing
  • Marketing Automation

They're responsible for the planning, delivery, optimisation, and performance of our digital channels. The department also delivers a programme of continuous marketing activity. This results in the creation of integrated visitor journeys to build engagement and advocacy.

Director of Marketing & Digital – Vicki Miller

Vicki joined us in 2005 after three successful years with Dumfries & Galloway Tourist Board. There, she held the posts of Head of Marketing & Visitor Services and Acting Chief Executive.

Vicki played a key role in the region’s recovery post foot & mouth. She also delivered a three-year European funded Marketing programme, working with local stakeholders.

Since then she has held a number of Senior Marketing positions within VisitScotland including:

  • Head of Local Marketing
  • Head of Content Marketing
  • Head of Customer Experience

Vicki has also been instrumental in leading our digital transformation programme of work.

On 1 November 2019, Vicki was appointed as VisitScotland’s Director of Marketing & Digital. This is after having undertaken interim responsibility for the role for 15 months.

Prior to 2001, Vicki had eight years in Senior Marketing roles within the energy and financial services sectors. These include Scottish Hydro-Electric and Bank of Scotland.

Vicki Miller's register of interests

Published February 2024

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