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iKnow Partner programme

Promoting the depth of knowledge found amongst Scottish tourism businesses.

Is your business full of untapped expertise and local know-how that would enhance the experience of our visitors? Becoming part of our iKnow Partner programme is a great way to demonstrate your value as a source of useful and inspiring visitor information.

It’s open to businesses that are part of our Quality Assurance scheme (and free to community groups and social enterprises). Members can use the easily recognisable ‘iKnow Scotland’ branding as a signal to visitors that you’re a VisitScotland accredited authority on topics relevant to their stay in Scotland.

We also encourage businesses to get involved with our iKnow community forum too. It’s an easy to use feature where you can share your know-how with a huge online audience and make a real difference to someone’s trip to Scotland. 

How to join the iKnow Partner programme

Three easy steps

  1. 1

    Meet the criteria

    Read our criteria document to see if your business can join the programme and start sharing your knowledge of Scotland and the local area. 

    iKnow Partner programme criteria

    Published July 2019

  2. 2

    Information templates

    Please ensure all the criteria requirements are in place. We have iKnow Partner information templates you may wish to use, we've created some guidelines to help you with this. The templates can be printed and displayed around your business for guests and visitors to read. There is also a Customer Service Promise document for you to download and display. 

    iKnow Partner guidelines for completing information templates

    Published March 2019

    Please read these guidelines for completing the downloadable information templates

  3. 3

    Apply for the programme

    Confirm that you have everything in place to meet the iKnow Partner programme criteria and then apply

Training and online resources

Online training to help you build your local knowledge or customer service skills