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VisitScotland chaired the Scottish Tourism Emergency Response Group (STERG). We stood up to respond to the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis. After its start in March 2020, STERG helped to get significant levels of financial help to the industry.

On this page you'll find an update on what STERG delivered, including:


STERG worked on a single, joined-up, phased national action plan. This was not just to combat the issues during the pandemic, but also to look at how the industry could effectively recover after the lockdown.

It also developed a £25 million recovery programme to support the sustainable recovery of the tourism industry. Partners involved in STERG delivered 10 projects under the recovery programme.

This was a real team effort. It gave agencies an opportunity to refocus plans and redirect budget. STERG also worked alongside the tourism industry to work through daily issues.

STERG stood down at the end of 2022. A Tourism and Hospitality Industry Leadership Group has now been established to drive Scotland’s ambition to be a world leader in 21st century tourism. It will build on the successful partnership approach of STERG.

STERG meeting key notes and actions

STERG sector update sessions

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