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The latest insights into how COVID-19 has impacted tourism and the events industry across Scotland

Explore below results from research carried out with the tourism industry since March 2020 and the outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

In this section:

STERG COVID-19 full industry survey

In October 2020, STERG requested that a full industry survey be undertaken to ascertain the following:

  • To establish the effect of the past seven months on businesses within the Scottish Tourism Industry
  • To discover what has worked well and what could have been better in terms of support offered
  • To understand what the current issues are and what further support is needed over the next six months
  • To establish what sectors / parts of the country may have performed better than others since re-opening after lockdown
  • To discover what future plans individual businesses have for the next six months

Progressive, an independent research agency, were appointed to undertake the survey on behalf of STERG. There were 2,974 responses to the survey, which ran from 19 November to 6 December 2020. 

Find out more about STERG in our STERG section.


STERG COVID-19 full industry survey - January 2021 | Final report

Published January 2021

STERG COVID-19 full industry survey - November 2020 | Results overview

COVID-19 events industry consultation

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is having a major impact on sporting, cultural and business events.

As part of our continued work to support the events sector throughout this period, we have undertaken a series of virtual forums with more than 120 senior representatives from across the sector to gather insight into the issues and challenges they are facing.

Following on from Event Industry Forums, we asked businesses working closely with the events sector to complete an online survey about the impact of COVID-19 on their business. 

COVID-19 tourism industry survey results

We’re proactively tracking the effects of Coronavirus on the industry. This is a rapidly changing situation and it's important for us, with your valued regular input, to be able to monitor developments.

We’ve conducted two surveys thus far, both have allowed us to see not only the overall impact on Scottish tourism, but also the impact it is having across different regions and business sectors, so that we can consider how best we might adapt our activities. It's also allowed us to inform the Scottish Government and other industry bodies. Thank you to those that took part.

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