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Article published 29/03/2024

Update from the Tourism and Hospitality Industry Leadership Group

As Scottish Tourism Month draws to a close, the Tourism and Hospitality Industry Leadership Group (THILG) is sharing an update on its work.   

The group provides a collaborative strategic forum to help grow the value, and enhance the benefits, of tourism and hospitality across Scotland. It also contributes toward the Scottish Government’s National Strategy for Economic Transformation, driving a wellbeing economy. 

Last year, the group shared the five missions it had identified which cut across the strategic priorities of the national tourism strategy, Scotland Outlook 2030.  

The five missions are: 


  • proud and valued people working for Scotland 
  • embracing rapid technological change 
  • sustainable transport  
  • net zero acceleration 
  • community-led tourism

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These missions have been further developed and work has progressed on identifying the game-changing actions critical to Scotland becoming a leader in 21st century tourism. Together they will help drive investment and ultimately lead to sustainable growth in tourism and hospitality. 

Game-changing actions are ambitious and look beyond the existing scope of current activities. They may include elements like changing consumer behaviour, infrastructure development, sharing of best practice, and increasing cross-sector partnership working.  

The missions form the future focus for the THILG. The group will continue to use its influence to build support, but the actions will only be achieved through collaboration between all parts of the visitor economy.  

More on each mission

  • Proud and valued people

    For 'proud and valued people working for Scotland’ the goal is developing an outstanding resilient and flexible workforce, proud of what they do, understanding and loving the sector they work in and able to meet the requirements of the 21st century workplace. 

  • Embracing change

    The ‘embracing rapid technological change’ mission sets out the ambition for our tourism sector to lead, not follow. Actions include seeking opportunities for tourism trailblazers to try out the latest technologies.

  • Sustainable transport

    For ‘sustainable transport’, the mission seeks to influence and encourage both consumer behaviour and the supply-side.

  • Net zero acceleration

    On ‘net zero acceleration’, the THILG want to be ambitious, going beyond the scope of the existing contributions of industry and agencies. 

  • Community-led tourism

    In ‘community-led tourism’ the key is developing Scotland as a world leader in this area; a lot of work is already happening in this space across Scotland. This presents an opportunity for all THILG members to become advocates for community-led tourism. 

We’ve used the opportunity of Scottish Tourism Month to set out more detail about our work on the five missions, which are crucial in identifying where we can add the greatest value and drive forward Scotland Outlook 2030.

I look forward to continuing to work with the full Industry Leadership Group, whose input has been incredibly valuable in identifying the future focus required. Together we’ll collaborate with industry, public, private and third sectors more widely to make our shared vision a reality.

Marc Crothall, Co-Chair of the Tourism & Hospitality Industry Leadership Group

What is the Tourism and Hospitality Industry Leadership Group?

The THILG is a network of individuals from across the public, private and the third sector. 

Nine organisations also sit on the group. We work with COSLA, Highlands and Islands Enterprise, Scottish Enterprise, South of Scotland Enterprise, Scottish Tourism Alliance, Scottish Government, Skills Development Scotland and Unite.

It’s co-chaired by Richard Lochhead, Minister for Small Business, Innovation, Tourism and Trade, and Marc Crothall, Chief Executive of the Scottish Tourism Alliance. Judy Rae, of OnFiFe Cultural Trust, is vice-chair. 

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