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Article published 02/07/2024

Boosting the local tourism economy

The Enchanted Forest unveiled that an independent economic impact assessment report, commissioned by the Enchanted Forest Community Trust, found that the event has delivered an annual economic impact of more than £10.3 million to Highland Perthshire. This brings the collective economic impact to a total of £73 million since the event began in 2002.

The report, undertaken by the Tourism Resources Company, focused on the 2023 event which took place from 5 October to 5 November. It confirmed the event’s crucial role in delivering an impressive boost to the local tourism economy in and around Pitlochry each autumn.

Attracting up to 83,000 visitors from all over the UK and beyond, ticketing data for the 2023 event highlighted that visitors travelled from 29 different countries, specifically for the event.

As part of the economic impact assessment report, a visitor survey was conducted online. There were 4,013 respondents, most of whom were female (81%).

The visitor survey found that: 

  • 91% only visited Pitlochry because of The Enchanted Forest
  • 89% of visitors were from out-with Perth and Kinross
  • 51% stayed overnight, which significantly benefited local businesses. This included Fishers Hotel, Scotland’s Spa Hotel and McKay’s Hotel, and local eateries including Victoria’s, Old Mill Inn and McKay’s Chip Shop, as well as numerous independent businesses in Pitlochry

a light installation in a wood with a person looking up into the trees
The Enchanted Forest 2023, Perthshire

Enchanted Forest visitor survey stats


positive customer enjoyment level


rating the overall value for money as excellent or very good

over 50%

repeat customer attendance in 2023


rating the stewarding team as excellent or very good.

The success of the 2023 Enchanted Forest show has enabled organisers of The Enchanted Forest Community Trust to award a record number of grants to registered charities operating in the region.

As part of the trust’s ethos to give back to the local community, £97,815 has been awarded to 26 organisations. This is the highest figure awarded to date. 

Visit The Enchanted Forest website for the full release

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