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Article published 24/08/2023

Boosting bookings through to spring 2024

We’re gearing up for our latest burst of activity working with online travel agent – Expedia.

This is a continuation of our existing partnership with Expedia, part of our Scotland is Calling campaign.

The campaign is targeting the UK and US markets with the aim of boosting bookings through autumn, winter and into spring 2024.

Do you have a listing with Expedia? If so, make sure your business profile is up to date to benefit from extra traffic generated by this activity.

A castle beyond a body of water in the evening

Greenan Castle, Ayr. Credit: VisitScotland / Kenny Lam

Campaign activity

  • UK market

    For the UK market our goal is to increase bookings for this autumn / winter.

    We've got a dedicated webpage on and to inspire visits to Scotland, including travel, accommodation and experiences. 

    Various themes are covered throughout including a spotlight on our wonderful cities. Activity will encourage people to book a trip to Scotland and increase their stay during this period.

    Activity starts on 1 September this year until 31 January 2024.

  • US market

    For the US market we’ll have two bursts of promotion from September – November 2023 (phase one) and then January to March 2024 (phase two).

    We've designed digital adverts encouraging users on the Expedia website to check out our dedicated Scotland page. Once on the webpage, users will be inspired with a range of accommodation, flight, and attraction offers for Scotland.

Previous campaign reach

13 million

impressions generated by the UK campaign activity


for every $1 spent on advertising in the UK

19 million

impressions generated by the US campaign activity


for every $1 spent on advertising in the US

Campaign success

With previous activity there has been an opportunity for businesses to get involved and provide an offer during the campaign period.

Expedia has reported a positive correlation between businesses who have opted to have an offer live during the campaign period and bookings. 

Do you have an Expedia listing?

If you have a listing on or, please make sure you update it. Make the most of this activity by increasing your visibility and likelihood of bookings.

Expedia will be communicating the activity to businesses to showcase how they can get involved.

If you have any questions about updating your listings on Expedia please contact Partner Central via the website or call 0203 027 8181.

Contact Expedia via its website

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