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Article published 22/08/2023

New employer hub

The employer hub from Skills Development Scotland (SDS) can help employers with workforce planning and development, understanding the skills needs for your business and support with upskilling and reskilling where required.

It can help employers to address recruitment challenges by providing support with workforce planning and management, helping to identify skills, experience, and competencies within the existing workforce.

The tools available on the SDS employer hub can support employers to encourage and develop a pipeline of talent from within their business, which can be cost effective, supports staff retention, and increases capacity to bring in new entrants such as apprentices.

Access the Skills Development Scotland employer hub



SDS portal

Features of the new website include:

  • skills management tool
  • skills discovery tool
  • webinars
  • product information for employers on: 
  • workforce planning and recruitment
  • skills for growth
  • PACE redundancy support
  • marketplace
  • young person's guarantee

Benefits to accessing the Hub

  • Skill development

    Skills are a vital part of the growth and productivity of your business. The tools and services available from the employer hub can help you plan for and manage your skills needs to ensure your business has the right people with the right skills in the right roles.

  • Get your priorities right

    The Skills Management Tool available on the employer hub will help with skills priorities around wider policies, people and working practices to help ensure your business is performing at its optimal level.

  • Prepare for the future

    The Skills Discovery Tool will support you with upskilling and allowing you to compare current roles in the business with your future role needs.

  • Get support

    You’ll also have access to useful webinars and lots of information on other ways that Skills Development Scotland can support your business. 

Where to access the Hub

The online employer offer from SDS has tools, advice and information to help employers identify and manage their skills needs across their business. 

Access the Skills Development Scotland employer hub

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