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Article published 13/07/2023

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Grounds for Recycling is an innovative hospitality and tourism-led campaign designed to help tackle the industry’s food waste.

The campaign is running throughout Glasgow this summer (25 July – 13 August), in collaboration with the cycling calendar’s biggest event – the 2023 UCI Cycling World Championships.  

Led by Glasgow Chamber of Commerce in partnership with Glasgow Life and Zero Waste Scotland, the campaign will see over 60 of Glasgow’s cycle-friendly coffee hangouts and local roasters join forces to turn used coffee grounds into something better for the planet.

The used coffee grounds from all participating venues will be collected by an e-cargo bike and taken to the Glasgow Botanic Gardens. Here, the grounds will be turned into compost, building ecosystems that capture carbon, rehabilitate soil and support wildlife and biodiversity.

The campaign will also showcase innovative ways that businesses and individuals can repurpose their own coffee grounds, providing tips, tools and case studies that inspire everyone to tackle food waste.


Grounds for recycling image reads coming soon, with partner logos

Did you know?

Food waste, including coffee grounds, is one of the worst types of waste for the climate. In fact, it accounts for more than a quarter (30%) of Scotland’s total waste carbon footprint despite making up only 18% by weight. (Source: Zero Waste Scotland’s Carbon Metric Report, 2021).

n one year alone, Scotland disposes of around 40,000 tonnes of coffee grounds, and as Glasgow’s love of coffee continues to grow, it’s crucial that the city finds circular ways to recycle and reuse leftover coffee grounds.

If you’re a keen cyclist, coffee drinker, or interested in making sustainable change, then this campaign is for you.

Head over to the website to learn more. 

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