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Article published 17/07/2023


We’re excited to share our brand-new graduate opportunities. The vacancies available cover a wide range of roles across our organisation with everything from HR to Insights, from Communications to Finance.

Over two years, our graduates can gain a range of skills and benefit from a diverse range of development opportunities, to help them progress on their chosen career path.

We caught up with Sarah Henderson who started as a graduate, to share her experience and offer anyone thinking of applying some helpful advice. 

Person standing on a beach looking out towards the water

Sarah on the  beach at North Berwick.

Sarah, you joined us as a graduate, can you tell us about your first experience of working at VisitScotland?

As soon as I joined VisitScotland, I was struck by how welcoming and passionate the staff were. People really care about helping the industry and it really shone through in people’s work and attitude.

The Corporate Communications team was a much bigger team than I had been in before, but everyone made me feel really part of the team and gave me the chance to join any interesting projects or campaigns they were working on.

HR also made sure to connect me with other graduates and recent graduates across the organisation and it was so helpful to have a support network of people on the same career level as me to bounce ideas off of and share the experience with.

What was your motivation for joining our graduate scheme?

After graduating I worked for a few years in a small marketing and communications team gaining lots of experience very quickly, but I was looking for an opportunity to invest a bit more in my learning and development to feel more confident in best practice and as part of a larger organisation.

Working in arts and tourism, I was familiar with VisitScotland’s role in the industry and when the Corporate Communications graduate role came up it ticked a lot of those boxes for learning more about the industry in such a core team.

Can you tell us about your graduate journey to your current role?

My graduate role lasted a year, but was extended during the COVID-19 pandemic. Corporate Communications was a very busy place to be during the pandemic, but also opened up the chance to upskill in crisis comms and I ended up having more of my time working on, our corporate website to help with funding.

It was this experience that directly led to me being able to take up a maternity cover year-long contract as Corporate Content Editor for the corporate website. Working on the corporate website was a great chance to engage directly with the industry and helped me to get the experience of a different type of role within a communications team. When the contract was up, I was really lucky to find a permanent role as Content Editor working on the consumer website -, which is where I am now!

The graduate scheme was the first step that really helped me on my career journey at VisitScotland and I got such a range of experience to enable to feel confident in applying for a more permanent contract in the more consumer-facing and creative role I have now.

How did your graduate role help your career progress?

My experience in the Corporate Communications team was really helpful in my career progression, largely because it offered the opportunity to work with such a range of people within the organisation as well as some key external projects. It increased my understanding and confidence in the role and working with others to be able to make steps upwards and sideways across the organisation. It also introduced me to more colleagues when I was going for other roles so that they were familiar with me and my work which made interviews feel a lot less intimidating!

Sarah's top tips on applying for a graduate role

  • Do your research

    Our corporate website,, has loads of information about what the organisations values and what we do. This is really helpful to help you prepare for an interview, or decide if you'd like to apply to work here.

  • Confidence and passion

    The graduate scheme doesn’t assume people have previous experience. They just want to see who you are and how you'd fit in the team, as well as your potential to learn and grow. That means a passion for tourism and the potential of the role you’re applying for is really key.

  • Be yourself

    It’s cheesy advice but having been through lots of interviews on both sides since applying for the graduate role, it’s what makes people stand out more on the CV and in person.

  • Reach out

    The HR team were supportive throughout my application process, always on hand to offer interview advice and support. 

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