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Article published 04/08/2023

Impressive economic impact for local tourism

The Enchanted Forest unveiled that an independent economic impact assessment report, commissioned by the Enchanted Forest Community Trust, has found that the 2022 event delivered £10 million to Highland Perthshire last autumn. 

The report, undertaken by the Tourism Resources Company, affirmed the event’s significant role in contributing to the local tourism economy in and around Pitlochry every autumn.

The 2022 event, which took place between 29 September and 30 October, welcomed over 83,000 visitors from all over the UK and beyond.

As part of the economic impact assessment report, designed to assess the fiscal impact of the event on the Perth and Kinross economy, a visitor survey was conducted online with 5,463 respondents.

The visitor survey found:

  • 92% of visitors came to Pitlochry only because of The Enchanted Forest 
  • 91% of visitors were from outside Perth and Kinross
  • 51% stayed overnight, benefitting local businesses such as Fishers Hotel, Scotland’s Spa Hotel and McKays Hotel and local eateries Victorias, Old Mill Inn and McKays Chip Shop, as well as the numerous independent shops in Pitlochry. In addition, the event uses local suppliers as much as possible

The overall event rated very highly with over 90% of visitors enjoying their visit, with 83% rated the overall value for money as excellent / very good. 

The visitor survey also highlighted the continuing popularity of the event, with the number of repeat visits continuing to rise year on year, with 57% of visitors at the 2022 show having visited before, an increase of 41% on the 2018 event.

Visit the Enchanted Forest website for the full release

two children standing outside at night surrounding by a lit up forest

Enchanted Forest 2022 show. Image credit Roberto Ricciuti.

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