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Article published 11/08/2022

How to support a mentally healthy workplace

With it being estimated that people spend an average of 90,000 hours of their life at work, employers have a crucial role to play in supporting good mental health and wellbeing amongst their workforce. Actively promoting positive mental health and wellbeing not only builds a supportive workplace culture, it makes sound business sense, but it can be hard to know where to start.

A new Mental Health & Wellbeing Platform for Employers has been launched by the the Scottish Government and Public Health Scotland, which allows employer access to free and reputable health and wellbeing resources. 

The platform has been developed in partnership with the Employment and Mental Health Working Group. It brings together the experience and expertise of cross-sectoral representatives from employer organisations, trade unions, mental health organisations and public sector partners.



Campaign graphic for understanding mental health


This is a free resource vital for you to support your workers' mental health and wellbeing. Accessible topics include:

  • Understanding mental health
  • Building your organisational culture
  • Mental health and the law

Who can access this?

Employers can sometimes find it difficult to find the right information and advice to support mental health and wellbeing at work, and this advice signposts you to reputable information.

The platform is targeted at employers of all sizes in Scotland from large scale companies to SMEs and the self-employed, but this will also be a useful resource for employees.

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