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Article published 27/01/2022

Showcasing Scotland’s tourism experiences to audiences across the world is one our main priorities and an important part of how we are helping the industry as it recovers from the impacts of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

We know people across the globe are itching to travel again as soon as restrictions ease. We need to keep Scotland top of mind for people planning their next break, so that we drive high value international visitors to support recovery for the tourism industry, and supplement the value given by domestic UK visitors.


What did our research find?

Our research indicates that consumers are looking to fill the void from lockdowns with experiences that promise to stir the emotions and elevate "in-the-moment" moods. It's vital that we showcase Scotland’s unique experiences to inspire those first returning visitors.

Just now, many of our overseas visitors are planning and booking their trips for 2022. This is a crucial time in our marketing calendar.


Other findings

Responsible tourism experiences will remain core to all activity, as well as inclusivity and diversity, as showcased by our global activity with National Geographic CreativeWorks. Find out more about responsible tourism in our dedicated section

Our research tells us that the first returning audiences will be younger, spontaneous buzzseekers and adventurers as well as luxury travellers in long haul markets, so we have amended our media targeting to ensure that we are reaching them with Scotland inspiration.


What are our planned activities?

We have a wealth of activity planned which aims to inspire visitors in our key markets to take that next step and visit Scotland this year. We want to start welcoming back our international audiences as well as introduce Scotland to new younger visitors. 

2021 proved another challenging year for the tourism and events industry. While the domestic market will remain a key focus again in 2022, the return of international visitors is a priority to provide much needed value to the Scottish tourism industry.

We've been active in our core markets throughout the pandemic - initially with dream now, plan later messaging - and now moving to more overt "book for 2022" messaging.

The first phase of our Scotland is Calling campaign ran from September to December and generated over 22.4 million video views with high engagement levels across digital and social media platforms.

The second phase of the campaign, running through March, will draw on those emotional hooks to inspire bookings to Scotland.


What are our highlights?

It is clear we are operating in a competitive market which is why we have focused on efforts on unique multi-platform activity for each of our core markets.

  • Domestic

    In the UK, we'll be promoting our Scotland is Calling video via broadcast video on demand and through strong performing paid social and digital channels including Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Teads, Captify and Amnet. We're also running further trials on TikTok to reach younger audiences. Publishing partnerships with News UK and National Geographic allow us to reach key UK audiences in trusted environments and Online Travel Agency activity with TripAdvisor and Expedia will support and encourage conversion to physical bookings.

  • France

    In France, we're working with media partners Audion and Neon, as well as Snapchat to attract the younger audience and Geo and Psychologies to inspire our more traditional audience. Video distribution will be on catch up TV and via digital and social channels including Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and YouTube.  Intermediary activity will be with Tour Hebdo, TourMag, LinkedIn and Expedia.

  • Germany

    In Germany, we've developed content partnerships with Couch and Walden to specifically target the younger audience. Meanwhile we're also working with Süddeutscher Zeitung and Frankfurter Allgemeine to give us broader reach with trusted news brands. Video content will be distributed through digital and social channels (including Instagram, Facebook and YouTube), and intermediary activity will include TravelZoo, FVW and Reise vor 9 with increased presence on Expedia.

  • North America

    In North America, we will show our Scotland is Calling video on innovative Connected TV platform Hulu, which is delivering high engagement and broadcast partner NBC. We'll support this with content partnerships with luxury travel platform ‘Afar’ and inspirational travel platform ‘Matador’. The younger audience will be specifically targeted by Uproxx and Thrillist partnerships. All activity will be underpinned by video content distribution on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. Intermediary activity will include partnership with luxury consortia, Virtuoso and TravelZoo, TourRadar and Expedia.

  • China

    In China, a key focus has been on growing our followers (both trade and consumer) on social media channels WeChat and Weibo. The first phase of Scotland is Calling showed a huge appetite for the content that we’ve been sharing, and we will continue to grow followers in early 2022 and continue to share inspirational videos and content.

Across all key markets we are increasing our lead generation activity for both our consumer and travel trade emails, which have shown good engagement throughout the pandemic, as well as continuing to grow engagement and advocacy across our social platforms. 

For more information about marketing opportunities with us, visit our marketing section.

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