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Article published 21/06/2022

Get on your bike in Falkirk

The Visit Falkirk team at Falkirk Council, has launched a new tourism campaign to encourage visitors to the region following an investment of over £6 million in cycle infrastructure.

With over 800km of cycle paths ideal for a wide range of abilities, Falkirk is fast becoming one of Scotland’s top cycling destinations and was the fastest growing sector in the local area pre-pandemic.

From 2009 - 2019:

  • Visitor numbers increased by 53% to around 950,000
  • Employment in the sector grew by 31.4% to just over 2200 jobs
  • The overall economic impact of tourism increased by 87.9% to around £136 million. 

From kid’s learner zones in Zetland and Helix Parks, 114 e-bikes with Forth Bikes, accessible cycling through local charity: Cycling Without Age Scotland, to adrenaline-fuelled distance and mountain bike options, there is genuinely something for everyone.

The new campaign has been funded through the VisitScotland Destination & Marketing Fund and work so far has included a new dedicated cycling section on the Visit Falkirk website with interactive itineraries to inform and online videos to inspire. The new work will focus on social media campaigning and influencer marketing to highlight the range of cycling options in the region and increase tourism, particularly for day trips and short breaks.

Visit Falkirk for cycling

Falkirk Council has also approved planning for a new Callendar Park cycleway plus bike repair, storage and changing facilities.

Falkirk Council launched the VisitFalkirk brand in 2013 to promote the area as a tourist destination through investment and development of the former industrial area as a location, with award-winning path networks and outdoor green spaces and attractions. The cycling campaign follows on from other successful marketing campaigns to promote the area for tourism.

Falkirk Council has invested over £6.15 million in upgrading its paths network since 2017, with over £500,000 into the e-bike network. Since 2019 the council has also invested £7 million in active travel initiatives. Since it started, there have been over 46,864 e-bike rides, the most popular station being the Helix, followed by the Falkirk Wheel. 

Falkirk Growth Deal

In December 2021 Falkirk Council signed the Falkirk Growth Deal with the UK Government and the Scottish Government. This will bring £1 billion investment and 2000 jobs to the area which will include net zero projects including a central sustainable transport hub, a canal visitor centre and an outdoor art park.

Find out more about the Falkirk growth deal.

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