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Article published 27/10/2022

Visitors flock to Falkirk after cycling campaign

Falkirk Council delivered a jam-packed summer campaign to promote the exciting range of cycling activities and the many places to visit and stay across the region.

The campaign featured a series of blogs focusing on summer cycling activities in the Falkirk area as well as promotion across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok. 

The council also worked with journalists, bloggers, and content creators across the UK, arranging trips tailored to their interests and cycling abilities.

Generating media traction

Social media campaign activity reached over three million people and resulted in over four million impressions. More than half a million people engaged with the campaign content and over 17,000 more people visited the website to learn about cycling around the Falkirk area.

Influencers and journalists were also invited to document their cycling adventures and visits to must-see attractions in Falkirk. From blogs and newspaper articles to social media content, these content creators celebrated Falkirk, encouraging their followers to visit.

I have a client this week who I'm planning an itinerary for, and they've specifically asked to stay in Falkirk after seeing my content about it. I can't wait to help them make that a reality!

Kathy from Watch Me See, a travel itinerary planning service

The trishaw meant that Bridget and I could have the same experience as we were sitting side by side for the first time on our travels. This was an unexpected benefit of the trishaw, one I hadn’t considered.

Bloggers, The Bimblers

Don't take our word for it

Cycling organisations weren’t the only ones to benefit from the campaign, many local businesses are enjoying the increase in cyclists in the Falkirk area:

As well as almost 14% more Trishaw and Wheelchair Transporter rides than we would have expected Cycling Without Age Scotland to provide in the Falkirk area this summer, there has been a substantial and really noticeable increase in enquiries about accessing rides.

Judging by comments from the charity’s volunteers who receive the enquiries and deliver the rides, it’s the focus on accessibility in Falkirk Council’s “Visit Falkirk” cycling campaign that’s encouraged such enthusiastic interest.

So many more people are now aware, not only of all the amazing visitor attractions that the area has to offer, but of the accessibility that is now possible through Cycling Without Age Scotland and the Council working together in this pioneering way.

Christine Bell, Chief Executive Officer of Cycling Without Age Scotland

I am always impressed by the advanced age of a large number of the people involved, some must be in their eighties. They are always a good natured lot and easy and pleasant to serve, and seem to derive great enjoyment from their sporting day out. So all in all, I think it has been a great success and a benefit to all. I hope this continues into the future.

Sheena, owner of The Lobster Pot in Blackness commenting on the influx of cycling groups at the restaurant

On track for the future

With less than twelve months until the world’s biggest cycling event – the 2023 UCI Cycling World Championships – in nearby Glasgow, Visit Falkirk’s cycling campaign marks a pivotal point for cycling in the central belt of Scotland.

By putting the Falkirk area on the international cycling map and spreading cycling fever ahead of the 2023 UCI Cycling World Championships, Visit Falkirk aim to welcome even more cyclists looking for unforgettable rides in Falkirk.

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