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Article published 01/12/2023

Why join a regional tourism Facebook group?


Network with industry peers


Stay up-to-date with industry news


Celebrate industry successes in your region


Get advice and support from partners

Now... the how?

There are 17 closed regional Facebook groups and a Fife Tourism Partnership page, which bring together tourism businesses from across specific regions to connect, inspire and make the most of relevant opportunities both, for your business and your area.

We've created a list of all the groups, so just search for your region and click to join. We've added some membership questions which are required to access  most of the groups.

For most of these groups we either help with admin in partnership with the local authority, tourism group or Destination Management Organisation or it's run by these regional groups, of which we are a member too!  It's a really good network of regional tourism contacts for you to tap into.

Aberdeen & Aberdeenshire


Glasgow City region

Outer Hebrides

South of Scotland



The Highlands 



Argyll & The Isles

Forth Valley

The Lothians



Ayrshire & Arran


Moray Speyside



Do I join as myself, or my business? 

Good question, and one we get asked a lot but really, it's up to you. We have a mixture of both personal profiles and business pages.

With access to these regional groups across Scotland, you're welcome to join as many as are relevant for your business.

Make the most out of joining a group

You get out of the group what you put in. Here are some ways for you to make the most of your regional group.

  • Introduce yourself

    Share a post to introduce yourself so that members can welcome you.

  • Got plans?

    Share any exciting new plans, so that members can spread the word.

  • Sharing is caring

    Share your business experiences, tips and knowledge which could improve the visitor experience in your area.

  • Events, events, events

    Hear about relevant industry webinars and events. You can also share your events too!

  • Be respectful

    Treat other group members with respect and respect other people’s views, opinions, cultures and faiths.

  • Say hello, wave goodbye

    Welcome newcomers to the group and encourage discussion.

Members... here's just a few

Within eac h group we have national members or sector representatives from across the industry... it's a great way to stay connected and updated on sector news. 

Facebook member logos 

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