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Article published 01/02/2022

COVID-19 has forced a monumental shift on the tourism industry and as we map our recovery, we must recognise that we're now operating in a new tourism landscape.

The Scottish Government has set ambitious climate change targets of achieving net zero by 2045 and has a strong focus on supporting a green recovery from the impacts of COVID-19.

We’re working to encourage Scotland’s tourism businesses to acknowledge this, and the ambitions outlined in the industry’s Outlook 2030 strategy, and to plan for a recovery which embraces the principles of low carbon responsible tourism.

Supporting Scotland’s Tourism Recovery Plan, the Scottish Government provided funding for the Destination Net Zero programme, amongst others. The programme aims to provide support for businesses to develop their Net Zero Action Plans, building their resilience and aligning with Scottish Government targets. 

The team has been working on additional support for the tourism industry during these challenging times, to support their green recovery, building their resilience and to transition to a future of net zero emissions.

Three current projects that are part of the programme include:

  • Sustainability Certification Scheme Fund | guidance now live

    This Fund is open to any Sustainability Certification Scheme Provider who can demonstrate that their scheme(s) is suitable for a Scottish-based tourism / event business to join.   

    This Fund will allow Sustainability Certification Scheme Providers to offer a discounted or free membership to tourism businesses for one year, supporting the industry’s recovery from the impacts of COVID-19 in a sustainable manner. 

    This Fund is only open to Sustainability Certification Scheme providers, not tourism businesses or destination management organisations. Businesses will be able to take advantage of the funding support, by applying to join the successful certification programmes, once the funds have been awarded.

    Applications will be live from noon on 10 February until noon on 24 February.

    Read the guidance and find out more.

  • Hospitality Zero Project | live now

    The cost of food waste generated by the hospitality and food service sector corresponds to an average cost per outlet of £10,000. The Hospitality Zero project encourages SME hospitality businesses to focus on food waste reduction, providing consultation and support to achieve this. 

    The project will help to identify priority actions specific to the business to implement food waste reduction measures, many of them low or no cost measures. It’s open to businesses within the Glasgow City Region. 

    For businesses who would like to take part, or would like more information, get in touch via email at

  • Electric Vehicle Charge Point Fund | coming soon

    The purpose of the Electric Vehicle Charge Point Tourism Recovery Fund is to allow businesses to obtain funding to install an electric vehicle charge point, helping them to demonstrate a point of differentiation and their commitment to responsible tourism practices, meeting the needs of visitors who are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of sustainability and building that into their travel plans.

    There is limited funding available and it will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.