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Article published 13/10/2021

Perthshire Tourism Action Plan

Alongside Perthshire’s tourism industry, we're joining forces with Perth & Kinross Council and partners to lead the region’s recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic with the publication of a new tourism action plan. The plan, which runs until 2025, sets out Perthshire’s ambition to becoming a leading sustainable destination in Scotland.

Recognising the tremendous challenges which the region and the tourism sector continue to face, the plan focuses on medium-term objectives to provide direction, which will maintain and build Perthshire’s position as a well-established and much loved destination as well as a key contributor to the Perth & Kinross economy.

The four objectives focus on:

  • restoring the value of tourism to pre-COVID-19 levels, with a particular focus on extending the season for year-round visits.
  • establishing Perthshire as a leading responsible tourism destination by encouraging responsible business practices, low impact activities and community-supported developments.
  • ensuring that the impact and benefits of tourism are felt across Perthshire’s communities with a bottom-up approach through the network of local tourism associations and sector groups.
  • making sure that Perthshire is a ‘digitally discoverable’ destination, in other words that it's visible as a responsible place to visit online. 

Activities are already underway to support the plan, which include the recently launched Perthshire Talks Tourism webinar series, each one led by a different local tourism association or group across Perthshire and successful applications for the Destination & Sector Marketing Fund to deliver an autumn / winter digital marketing campaign for Perthshire. 

On behalf of the Perthshire Tourism Partnership, we've developed the plan in partnership with a working group of industry representatives and Perth & Kinross Council. The plan was due to be launched in spring 2020 but was understandably put on hold due to COVID-19. The document has been reviewed and sense-checked with the group and Perthshire Tourism Partnership.

The resilience of the tourism industry during unprecedented times has been hugely impressive. Businesses have adapted their operations to accommodate new ways of working to keep their visitors, staff and the local community safe.

It is essential that VisitScotland continues to work closely with partners across the tourism and events industry and throughout the community to provide a source of guidance and support, which is set out in the Perthshire Tourism Action Plan.

It highlights how Perthshire has something for everyone, at any time of year.

We have also recently launched the Days Out Incentive Fund to help generate income for this sector during the quieter part of the year, as well as help rebuild consumer confidence in the face of COVID-19.

It is critical that we all get out there and enjoy our incredible country with all it has to offer responsibly, as with the right support, tourism and events can lead the economic recovery.

After all, tourism is a force for good – creating economic and social value in every corner of Scotland and enhancing the wellbeing of everyone who experiences it. Tourism makes Scotland richer, economically and socially, and without it, Scotland would be a much poorer place.

Caroline Warburton, Regional Leadership Director, VisitScotland

The valuable help and involvement from tourism business leaders working with Perth & Kinross Council and VisitScotland has been key to developing the Perthshire Tourism Action Plan.

With international travel difficult this past summer, we have seen just how popular rural Perthshire has been for Scots and visitors from the rest of the UK.

The plan intends to build on this popularity and seize the opportunities ahead, collaborate with recovering communities and work towards our vision of making Perthshire a leading sustainable destination.

David Smythe, Chair, Perthshire Tourism Partnership

Perth and Kinross has always been high up on the list of Scottish tourism destinations. Its beautiful scenery, attractive towns and villages and popular outdoor activities, as well as its independent city businesses and extensive cultural attractions, make it a great place for visitors to discover what Scotland has to offer.

I welcome the Perthshire Tourism Action Plan which will help to deliver a strong and resilient year-round tourist economy and establish the area as a leading Scottish sustainable destination.

John Duff, Councillor, Highland Ward

We are very pleased to be involved in the creation of this action plan. Community is extremely important to us and it plays a key part of this plan. We are excited to see the local tourism industry work with the community to move forward and start recovering from the pandemic’s impact.

Mike Benson, Director, The Scottish Crannog Centre

Perthshire Talks Tourism webinar series

Hear from local tourism businesses in your area – what they've got planned, opportunities to work together, and ultimately make sure that our visitors know about all the inspiring things to see and do while in Perthshire. 

Perthshire Talks Tourism banner

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