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Article published 02/07/2021

We've launched a new marketing campaign running throughout the summer, Now is Your Time, to invite people to holiday in Scotland. 

Staycations look set to be popular this year, with an increasing number of visitors likely to turn to holiday experiences from the past or seek ‘modern twists on old favourites’ when it comes to exploring Scotland.   

New figures suggest almost two thirds of people are keen to revisit places in Scotland that they haven’t been to for years with some doing so in a different way, for example, revisiting a favourite holiday destination from childhood but swapping the family game of rounders on the beach to an adrenaline-fuelled kayaking experience. 

The Now is Your Time campaign is aimed at inspiring people across the UK to take a much-needed break with a day out, a city break or a longer holiday to enjoy all the country has to offer.

It will cover five themes starting with days out before moving to short stays, city breaks, family gatherings and escape and connect experiences to benefit physical and mental wellbeing. 

Now is your time | Days Out

Using a combination of paid media and digital activity including online videos and social media, the initiative will not only inspire visitors but also educate them on how to enjoy the country responsibly and respectfully. 

It's hoped the campaign will encourage Scots to rediscover their own country, supporting local businesses and the recovery of tourism in a safe and responsible way.  

With tourism worth more than £11.5 billion to the Scottish economy, supporting one in 12 jobs, the sector has been devastated by the COVID-19 pandemic, subsequent lockdown and travel restrictions. Domestic tourism remains one of Scotland’s most valuable markets with an average of 140.8 million day trips made in Scotland pre-COVID, generating approximately £5.749 million. 

Through our new campaign we want to inspire new and repeat visitors to experience some of the things they have missed most this past year – days out, family get-togethers and holidays. Our website is full of advice and suggestions of things to see and do right across the country, from our stunning countryside to our exciting cities.

With so many people staying in the UK this year there has never been a better time to appreciate all the wonderful locations and attractions we have on our doorstep. Whether it’s discovering somewhere new or experiencing an old favourite in a completely new way, now is your time to enjoy the unique experiences that a holiday in Scotland offers.

Tourism is a force for good – creating economic and social value in every corner of Scotland and enhancing the wellbeing of everyone who experiences it. Tourism makes Scotland richer, economically and socially, and without it Scotland would be a much poorer place.

Vicki Miller, Director of Marketing and Digital, VisitScotland

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we travel, for some people this might be their first holiday at home for several years. We know that in times of uncertainty that people naturally gravitate towards the familiar. Reminiscing with fondness to past times or a reflective desire to re-live the past can be a magnet to travellers to previously visited destinations.

In 2014 we identified the trend Mod-stalgia – embracing the past through the comforts of today – and this is something we expect to come into the fore during the 2021 season. We all have a part to play in helping tourism recover from the devastating impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, and revisiting places that we have enjoyed in the past is a great way to rediscover and support Scotland’s world-famous tourism offering. The Scottish tourism and events industry need the support of people living in Scotland – we’re asking everyone to take their first post-lockdown holiday in their own country.

Chris Greenwood, VisitScotland Senior Insight Manager

How you can get involved

To help businesses get behind and support the campaign – we've pulled together an industry toolkit. Now is your time to get involved.

The toolkit includes access to our videos, links to, suggested wording for you to use and insights around the concept of the campaign. Take me to the toolkit.

Please also use #OnlyInScotland and #VisitScotland when posting and join in the conversation online.

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