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Article published 01/04/2021

With the date set for parts of the tourism sector to reopen on 26 April, we've outlined our plans for reopening our iCentre network, putting the safety of our staff and visitors at the heart of what we do. 

iCentres are a significant part of the community, and so we look forward to opening our doors, alongside tourism businesses across Scotland, to provide that warm welcome we’re known for. 

From 26 April we’ll reopen 24 of our 26 iCentres, with Dundee opening on 27 April and Fort William opening on 29 April. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are looking forward to returning and helping to inspire visitors to explore once again, in line with the Scottish Government's revised level system.

Like much of the industry, we’ve had to adapt to new ways of working through this second lockdown. Our iCentre team has continued to provide information and inspiration through a range of other channels including a Messenger service we developed during the first lockdown, our iCentre telephone service and our email service.

Our iCentre staff have also been busy working on the funding streams that we’ve been delivering on behalf of the Scottish Government. 

Tourism is a force for good – creating economic and social benefits in every corner of Scotland, enhancing the well-being of everyone who takes a holiday and it’s more important than ever this year to support the local tourism sector. Everyday our iCentre staff are inspiring the local community and visitors to rediscover the amazing experiences they can have on their doorsteps. 

Like the industry, our iCentre teams across Scotland are ready to get back. Feel free to pop in and say hello, when it's safe to do so, we’d love to see you.

Let your visitors know when you’re open

Visitors are keen to know that businesses are safe and ready to welcome them back. In order to provide them with this reassurance via your web listing there are three things we recommend you update via your Extranet: 

  • Let visitors know you’re Good to Go 

  • Let visitors know what to expect 

  • Let visitors know when you’re open 

Keep your visitors up-to-date.

Get Tourism Ready webinar

If you’d like to hear more about consumer travel insights, marketing Scotland and industry support, please join our upcoming webinar which takes place on 13 April at 11am ahead of the date set out for parts of the tourism sector to reopen. 

Sign up today.