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Article published 30/04/2021

As we seek to rebuild tourism and look toward the future of the industry, it's important we put the welfare of communities and our natural environment at the heart of our approach.

The priority now is to reset tourism in a responsible way; to work with communities to ensure that visitors and locals can both have a fantastic experience, with enough resources for both.

As lockdown restrictions change in Scotland, community engagement is key to our activity.

Highland collaboration

On Thursday 22 April, we virtually held a community session with local community development groups and key partners across the Highlands to facilitate conversation around the restart of tourism.

If you missed the session, or simply want to look over the content again, the two presentations given by our Regional Leadership Director, Chris Taylor, and from Highland Council are now available to download.

Chris Taylor, Highland Community Session Presentation, April 2021

Published April 2021

Highland Council, Highland Visitor Management Presentation, April 2021

Published April 2021

You asked, we answered

Thanks to everyone who took the time to ask a question and get involved. We’ve pulled together a copy of the questions asked and the answers given.

What's next?

There are a number of ways to keep this conversation going and to make sure you're equipped with all the information and support that you need. To help, we've pulled together some useful links:

Keep in touch

If you'd like to discuss anything from the session in more detail, please do get in touch with Regional Leadership Director, Chris Taylor, and Regional Development Executive, Caitlin McLeod

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