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Article published 04/05/2021

Gas bottle exchange

Due to unprecedented demand and supply chain challenges, including delays to the delivery of new cylinders which are beyond the control of Calor Gas, it has had to review the issuing of new cylinders across its range.

In order to prioritise the return of cylinders into the supply chain for refilling, Calor Gas needs to ensure that customers with a Cylinder Refill Agreement can receive a filled cylinder in exchange for an empty and therefore our guidance is as follows:

  • All cylinders are now on a one-for-one basis and there will be no new issues (of Cylinder Refill Agreements) available.

You and your customers must have a cylinder to return and the cylinder must be in the correct group, an exact like for like cylinder is preferable where possible. CRAs will not count towards the order. It is important you manage your stock holdings correctly, as without the cylinders to return on a one-for-one basis, Calor Gas will not be able to fulfil your orders.

  • The only exception to this instruction is the patio 5kg cylinder – Calor Gas is still in a position to offer new issues (CRAs) to customers at this time.

You must have either a cylinder in the patio range to swap or the relevant patio 5kg CRA. Without one or the other, Calor Gas will not be able to fulfil your order.

Please be assured that this guidance will be continuously reviewed for each cylinder size. As soon as Calor Gas is able to offer new cylinder issues again, it will communicate this to its customers on a cylinder by cylinder basis.

Thank you for your continued support in these challenging times and your understanding of the requirement to prioritise the return of empty cylinders until the supply situation improves. We don’t underestimate the pressure that cylinder availability constraints cause.

We will be releasing a statement this week detailing the impact that COVID-19 has had on our business and the actions we’re taking to overcome the ongoing pressure on cylinders.

Statement from Calor Gas