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Article published 23/04/2021

Closed Facebook groups

As businesses begin to reopen from 26 April, make sure that your local tourism peers know when your buisness will open or of any exciting plans for 2021 and beyond. 

Join one of 17 closed regional Facebook groups, which bring together tourism businesses from across specific regions to connect, inspire and make the most of relevant opportunities both for your business and your area.

The groups allow relationships to form online whether that’s with VisitScotland or business to business networking across the sector. Collaboration and partnership is at the heart of what we do, and allows us to align our efforts across the sector.

Partnership and collaboration is at the heart of Scottish tourism. The closed Facebook groups provide another channel and way of communicating with each other and other public sector partners to create a well informed and engaged tourism business community.

Make the most out of joining a group

  • Introduce yourself. When you join, share a post to introduce yourself so that we can say hello and welcome you.
  • Let members know when you're open again and if you have any exciting new plans for 2021 and beyond.
  • Use the group as a place to find information about the tourism sector in your area and Scotland and a place to share relevant, on-topic content with other members.
  • Share business experiences, tips and knowledge which could improve the total visitor experience of your area.
  • Share your promotions and events with us and sign up for online industry webinars.
  • Treat other group members with respect and respect other people’s views, opinions, cultures and faiths.
  • Welcome newcomers to the group.

Join us | list of groups

We can’t meet face to face at the moment, but we can connect via regional closed Facebook groups. It’s good to connect and share experiences – especially when times are tough – so join businesses from across your area and meet your local VisitScotland contacts online.