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Article published 15/09/2020

The COVID-19 crisis has brought extremely challenging times for all but has created a moment in time for businesses to reflect on what comes next and how the future we pursue could be a better one. This year during Climate Week (14 - 20 September) we're sharing case studies from businesses already taking steps to protect the natural environment through responsible tourism initiatives. 

Rabbie's | case study 

Rabbie's offer small group tours in 16-seater minicoaches. Their trips depart from a range of locations, cover destinations across the country, and focus on showing visitors some of Scotland’s less well-known sights. 

Tours show visitors a mix of major sights as well as off the beaten track destinations in order to reduce erosion and overcrowding and help encourage more curious travellers. On tours with overnight stays, Rabbie's reserve locally-owned accommodation and recommend shops with local owners to keep the benefits of tourism in the community. 

Guides are trained to communicate 'leave no trace' advice to customers - asking them to walk on designated paths, not to remove or interfere with any built or natural aspect of Scotland's environment, to dispose of litter correctly, and respect landowners. This is an important part of Rabbie’s ethos, helping protect and preserve Scotland’s natural and built environment. 

Although fuel use is unavoidable for this type of business, Rabbie's is committed to offsetting in some way by taxing themselves £10 for every tonne of carbon they use. This money is then donated to community and environmental charities, with a focus on projects based in the areas they visit, thereby helping alleviate some of the pressures associated with higher visitor volume.

A visitor at Loch Morlich

Rabbie's vision is to make the world a better place through travel. Our aim is to respect, preserve and look after our environment and communities. We do this by travelling in small groups, working with local communities, and giving back to the places where we travel.

Hazel Rickett, Managing Director, Rabbie's Small Group Tours

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