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Gaelic Tourism Strategy for Scotland 2018-23

Gaelic is an integral part of Scotland's heritage, identity and culture.

In an increasingly competitive global market it is vital that Scotland offers a memorable, authentic and unique visitor experience.

Our Gaelic language and its associated culture has significant potential to contribute to this as an important but -  so far -  under used ingredient in the Scottish cultural offer.

We have developed this strategy together with partners, with the aim to provide a framework for the development of Gaelic as a tourism asset in the short, medium and long term. 

Gaelic can be accessed by the entire tourism industry - speakers and non-speakers. From businesses offering Gaelic immersion experiences, to those providing information on the language, its culture and heritage, to those including some Gaelic in their brand as a USP.

Ro-innleachd Turasachd na Gàidhlig do dh’Alba | Gaelic Tourism Strategy for Scotland 2018-2023

Published October 2018

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