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Our strategy is a very simple one: we want to make it as easy as possible for people to discover Scotland and we want to recruit as many ambassadors for Scotland as we can. An endorsement of any product and service from someone you know and trust is the most efficient and effective form of marketing there is.

Our industry has faced unprecedented challenges as a result of coronavirus (COVID-19). During the Respond and Reset phases, we paused proactive paid for marketing activity. We have since launched a high profile campaign encouraging Scots to travel local. Read more on our phased approach to planning and activity.


Our marketing campaigns target segments in the UK and in key markets across the globe, making it easier for them to discover our attractions and experience Scotland.

We use campaign platforms and channels to speak to our target markets, providing motivating messages to inspire them to visit Scotland. All our channels, both online and offline, contribute to providing the best possible customer experience before, during and after visitors arrive in Scotland. And by encouraging them to share their experiences widely, they in turn become advocates for Scotland.

Industry, visitors and people living in Scotland can now all share their content in a very organic way and we are helping to enable everyone who has a connection with Scotland to become advocates for the country.

Digital approach

We recognise digital technology as the enabler of this collective approach to tourism. Our digital strategy is focused on user generated content and content partnerships, which readily encourage advocacy.

With 91% of all web traffic coming from organic search* from websites such as Google, our priority is to create high quality engaging content that makes Scotland easy to discover online. We need to provide the very best information that we can to help with consumers’ decision making process.

*Figures from 1 April 2017 – 31 March 2018

Industry support

Through our programme of business-to-business marketing opportunities, including our showcase travel trade event VisitScotland Expo, we support the internationalisation of Scottish tourism businesses. We work with the tourism industry at home and abroad to influence and support the development of the products and services that visitors demand.

We support the key sectors identified in the Scotland Outlook 2030 strategy. By leveraging Themed Year and Growth Fund platforms we develop products and propositions that enhance the effectiveness of our brand and marketing activities. To learn more about Scotland Outlook 2030, visit the Scottish Tourism Alliance website

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