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Climate change is the defining global crisis of our time, one which we must work collectively to address.  

We recognise that addressing the climate emergency is imperative in protecting our planet, and our country, for future generations. We want to set out our commitment to being part of the solution.  

We will: 

  1. Take action to reduce carbon emissions as an organisation and encourage Scotland tourism industry to consider and address their carbon footprint. 

  2. Work collaboratively with the Scottish tourism and events industry to educate and share best practice around effectively reducing carbon emissions. 

  3. Play a leading role in the development of Scotland as a globally recognised responsible destination. 

  4. Engage our communities to make sure they are at the heart of our responsible tourism future. 

Tourism and events can be forces for good growth and positive change. They support economic development, protect our environment, sustain local communities and contribute to meaningful cultural exchange.  

1. Take action to reduce carbon emissions as an organisation and encourage Scotland Tourism industry to do the same

We will:

  • Influence consumer behaviour

    Influence consumer behaviour by promoting the use of more environmentally friendly forms of transport both to and within Scotland, supporting the reduction in carbon emissions, air pollution, and congestion. 

  • Work with industry

    Collaborate with partners to build momentum within the wider tourism and events industry and encourage responsible, low carbon growth.  

  • Support the Scottish Government's climate change targets

    Align our operational activities to support the achievements of the Scottish Governments Ambitious Climate Change targets, 75% emissions reductions by 2030, and Net-Zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2045. 

  • Develop as a climate conscious organisation

    Continue to develop as climate conscious organisation, recognising where we need to make improvements and can learn lessons from others. 

2. Work collaboratively with the tourism and events industry to educate and share best practice around effectively reducing carbon emissions.  

We will:

  • Provide insights and resources

    Provide insights and resources to support businesses in reducing their carbon footprint.  

  • Collaborate with industry

    Continue to expand our collaboration with a wide range of industry partners who are planning and implementing activity to address climate change and make Scotland a sustainable destination. 

  • Support the management of successful tourism hotspots

    Support the management of success of tourism in hotspots across Scotland, identifying capacity and capability, and ensuring  that we offer the visitor a positive experience that also benefits local communities.    

3. Play a leading role in the development of Scotland as a globally recognised responsible destination. 

We will:

  • Promote geographical and seasonal spread

    Maximise the economic and social benefits of tourism by promoting greater geographical and seasonal spread of visits, encouraging visitors to stay longer and “travel slow” all year round. 

  • Use our leadership

    Use our leadership role to steer the development of responsible travel products and experiences

  • Support organisations

    Support the activities of organisations responsible for protecting Scotland’s natural and cultural heritage

  • Drive inclusive tourism

    Drive the development of inclusive tourism, helping to create products and destinations where everyone feels welcome

4. Engage our communities to make sure they are at the heart of our responsible tourism future 


We will:

  • Work in partnership

    Continue to work in partnership with destination management and marketing organisations, Local Authorities and Government to engage with communities and include their views in tourism-related developments

  • Support projects

    Support projects which help tackle areas of high concentration in relation to tourism, particularly in rural areas through the Rural Tourism Infrastructure Fund

  • Engage and listen

    Engage and listen to communities to make sure they can experience the benefits of tourism

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