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Participating in our user panel gives you the opportunity to voice your specific challenges, needs, and requirements regarding Your input can help us develop tailored content that better addresses the unique needs of tourism business in Scotland, making our website more useful and relevant for everyone.

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Your feedback will help shape the digital experience we offer business like yours

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Your feedback helped improve our climate impact guide

We spoke to tourism businesses across the industry about reducing carbon emissions. Feedback showed that it was thought of as a complicated and time-consuming issue. So, when redesigning our climate impact guide, we centered it around practical information with actions in plain English.

We added a quick guide with three easy steps to measure and reduce emissions to help businesses get started. We also redesigned our workbook, so it's more visual and therefore easier to complete and to interpret your data.

The result was a guide that everyone can use to start taking climate action; no matter their time or budget. We wouldn't have been able to do this without the input of our user panel.

Browse our climate impact guide
Screengrab of the climate change guide

How it works

  • Complete the sign-up form

    We need to ask you a few questions about yourself, your work, and your experience with VisitScotland. Your answers will help make sure that we only send studies that are relevant to you.

  • Short surveys

    We want to take up as little of your time as possible, so our studies are designed to never take you more than 15 minutes to complete.

  • Receive relevant studies

    We'll send you studies via email, which will contain details about the study such as:

    • the theme of the study
    • what you'll be expected to do
    • the type of questions we might ask you
    • how long it will approximately take you to complete the study

    We will only send you studies that are relevant to you, and never more than one per month. There is no obligation to take part in every study you receive. You can particpate as and when you can.

  • Your data and privacy are safe

    The studies will always be anonymous. We will not ask you for any identifiable personal information, and you are not identifiable from any recordings gathered or your answer to questions.

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