Transport to and within Scotland

Overnight visitors to Scotland were asked about their transport to Scotland and their travel experience around Scotland. Available to download is a summary of the transport findings from the Scotland Visitor Survey 2015 & 2016.


PDF document Transport - Insights from the Scotland Visitor Survey 2015 & 2016  (1.9mb) published Aug 2017


The full results from the Scotland Visitor Survey can be found in the Visitor Research section of this website.

The Scotland Visitor Survey 2015 & 2016 identifies travel methods to and transport used within Scotland, amongst a sample of summer visitors to Scotland. To view the results, please see the Scotland Visitor Survey within the Visitor Research section.


Transport Review

The following is a review of transport usage by both domestic and overseas visitors to Scotland between 2006 and 2013. The review uses data from the national monitors, The Great Britain Tourism Survey (GBTS), and International Passenger Survey (IPS).


PDF document Transport to Scotland - Facts and Insights (1.25MB) published November 2015


Coach Tourism Research

A handy summary of the statistics relating to British visitors who used an "Organised Coach Tour" as a mode of transport during their trip to Scotland. The report features four years data from 2009 to 2013:


PDF document Coach Tourism in Scotland (0.8MB) published January 2015


Additional Resources

VisitBritain have also published information on transport. Please visit the Inbound Transport Research section of their website.



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