Social media tips

We monitor social media every day and choose images that have been shared to re-publish on our social channels. Getting our attention on social media is simple. Share your best Scotland photos, videos and stories with us.


We have a number of different channels, which are monitored daily.


VisitScotland (Facebook) – VisitScotland’s consumer Facebook profile reviews consumer content daily and posts 3+ times a day including related news and events. There are also regular fan photo albums.


@VisitScotland (Instagram) – The VisitScotland account reposts fan photos and videos. It has also showcased individual Scottish Instagrammers.


@VisitScotland (Twitter) – VisitScotland’s consumer facing Twitter account is monitored daily and we regularly tweet related news, answers questions from followers, retweet and shares fans images.


The kind of content we like to share on our consumer channels are:

  • Beautiful, serene, dramatic or jaw-dropping landscapes, coastlines, beaches, iconic castles and other attractions.
  • Unusual or less common views. Photos and videos that show the landscape, the attractions and its people in a quirky way or in a completely new light.
  • People enjoying Scotland. Inspiring photos or videos of people genuinely experiencing Scotland and interacting with their surroundings.
  • Scotland’s incredible animals. Dramatic, inspiring, cure or funny photos and videos of Scotland’s wildlife and other animals.

@VisitScotNews (Twitter) – VisitScotland’s corporate facing Twitter shares industry news and information on a daily basis.


Using social media

Useful points to remember when using social media.

Influencer programmes

We work with influencers and content creators in both an ad-hoc capacity and as part of our dedicated programmes.
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