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Esme Saville is Marketing and PR Manager at the Craigellachie Hotel and she certainly has the spirit of soul. Esme grew up in Moray Speyside and 2 and a half years ago returned to the region after studying and working elsewhere. She spent 18 months working for Moray Speyside Tourism helping businesses to improve their online presence and to work together to enhance the visitor economy and experience across the region before taking on her new role at the Craigellachie Hotel.


We caught up with Esme to find out how she represents and celebrates the soul of Moray Speyside both personally and professionally.


What does the Spirit of Scotland mean to you?

The people of Scotland are the first thing I think of. Their welcoming personalities and warm nature across communities large and small is something we should celebrate.


The Spirit of Scotland is the contagious feeling that is passed on from these people to our visitors. A feeling that can be taken home with them and shared with their friends: a feeling that gives them a yearning to return.

Which one of the Spirit of Scotland values do you identify with?

I’m tempted to say them all as my role is to represent the Moray Speyside region which has each in abundance! But, I’d have to say soul. Soul best captures my intrinsic connection with Moray Speyside – how the region is a big part not only of what I do for a living, but who I am.


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What about your work makes you identify with this value?


Many aspects of the hotel are designed to embody and celebrate the many essences of Moray Speyside. We are driven by the compassion and commitment that comes with soul. For example:

We love to celebrate the unique, memorable and authentic treats Moray has to share. You can’t help but feel the soul of the region during our fantastic music evenings with local performers and also through the fantastic locally sourced produce that is served to our diners in ‘The Copper Dog’.


Our hotel is only as good as the people who work in it. Our staff bring the soul of the region to life, and a promise of a genuine warm welcome for visitors.


Soul may be intangible, but you can sense it, and it is the undercurrent to all that I do in my work – both in my previous role to promote the region as a destination, and in my new work to market the hotel. I strive to ensure we celebrate Moray’s rich soul, and encourage visitors to experience, embrace and enjoy it.

What do you do to showcase your soul to your customers?


I try to keep my work as honest and personal as possible, always drawing on my experiences of being brought up and living in Moray Speyside. What still blows me away is bound to blow away our visitors.


The Spirit of Scotland campaign presents another opportunity. In my new role, I will be engaging with the #ScotSpirit campaign: using the hashtag, and creating content for others to share.


We will also encourage guests to embrace their #ScotSpirit. I’m looking forward to the campaign unearthing others’ stories and even more fantastic things about the region.

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