Business Case Study - Orkney Island Memories


Kirsty Sinclair and her husband David own and run Orkney Island Memories bed and breakfast based in the heart of the Orkney West Mainland, which sits on the edge of the World Heritage Site. They pride themselves on providing a traditional island welcome and true Orcadian hospitality, showcasing true #ScotSpirit.


Kirsty tells us more about her determination to give her guests a memorable experience when staying with her on the island.


What does the Spirit of Scotland mean to you?


The Scottish spirit has developed because of the deep and passionate history. It has risen through in the unique qualities of its people, its complex history, dramatic landscapes and environments. Scottish people have fought passionately for their country, creating a unique culture with strong willed and creative people which helps make Scotland unique.

Which one of the Spirit of Scotland values do you identify with? 

The spirit which I most identify with is the spirit of determination. From the way that I have been brought up on a small island, I am determined to do things to the best of my ability. I have a determination to get it right for myself but most importantly my guests, ensuring that I can help them create happy memories in Orkney.

What about your business makes you identify with this value?

I am determined to provide the best service I can to my guests. It's my passion to make them feel that they have had the best possible experience at Orkney Island Memories and receive value for money in terms of the quality and the service that we offer.

We pay attention to small details, from providing something for children to take away with them as a memory of their stay - such as a wee knitted doll given to a girl who once stayed - to providing meals and putting comfortable armchairs in every room. This helps to ensure that guests don’t feel like they have to go straight to bed after a day of exploring the island, rather than coming down to the main living room if they would prefer their own space.

I once had an elderly couple staying from Australia and I noticed that the gentleman wasn’t too well. They had made such an effort to come all that way from Australia, choosing to stay in Orkney and with me and that I was determined to make it as special a trip for them as possible. I had arranged dinner for them at a local hotel but I knew that the man wasn’t well enough to go. Instead I offered to make them dinner and they ended up spending every evening with us, making friends with us and even our dog. My determination meant that they returned home with special memories of their time in Orkney that they would remember forever. 


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What do you do to showcase your determination to your customers?

The reason that we chose the name Orkney Island Memories was that I didn’t just want to be a B&B - I wanted to share my wonderful memories of the island with visitors and help them to create their own. I am determined to make their stay personal to them, being welcoming and offering hospitality that is genuine, showing that I take their visit seriously.

We like to make guests feel welcome and comfortable when they stay, talking to them to find out why they are visiting, what they like doing and more about them. This helps us to suggest things that they may like to do on the island, so as to make the best of their time in Orkney.

I am proud and passionate about Scotland, and I love to promote Orkney as it is such a special and unique place. I put my all into the business, showcasing that I’ve #ScotSpirit with every guest. I’m delighted to be a part of the #ScotSpirit campaign and am looking forward to hearing what my guests think about when I ask them about what they think the Spirit of Scotland is.

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