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VisitScotland Quality Assurance Scheme - Enquiry Form

How to become a member of our Quality Assurance Scheme

It’s easy to join, here are some steps to consider before you register your business and join our Quality Assurance scheme.

  1. 1

    What type of business are you?

    Take a look at our Quality Assurance criteria for your type of business, so you are aware of what the advisors will be looking for when grading your business.  Don’t worry if you’re not sure if you can meet all the requirements, we can offer you guidance that’s right for your business.

    If you have any queries, our team can help and provide advice on what will work best for you. Get in touch with us at

    Be sure to check you agree to our Schedule of Conditions, which can be found in full on this page. 

  2. 2

    Sign up and participation fees

    Our annual fees for the Scheme vary depending on your type of business and its size. They range from around £53 for a small hostel to around £1,427 for a large accommodation provider with 100 rooms. 

    Sign up for our QA membership scheme

    Find out more about our participation fees in the attached download. 

    VisitScotland 2022/23 QA fees

    Published March 2022

    QA fees for the current scheme year

  3. 3

    Welcome aboard

    Once you become a Quality Assurance Member, you’ll receive a welcome call from our Quality Assurance team to talk through the process of how the assessment visit will work before the grading visit takes place. 

    You will also be provided with your Awaiting Grading logo which can be used straight away – so you won’t need to wait for us to visit. Using the logo can help reassure visitors by it demonstrating that you want your business to be transparent in terms of your quality offering and that you’re being held accountable to national standards. 

  4. 4

    The visit

    Following your first Quality Assurance Grading Visit, we will provide confirmation of your Star Rating.  
    Our Quality and Tourism Advisors will contact you at a convenient time to offer expert advice and feedback specific to your business. This is a valuable opportunity to gain insights and tailored one-to-one advice about the visitor journey your business is offering. 
    For the 2022/23 scheme year, we will finalise visit programme plans soon, and confirm arrangements in due course.  Our team of Quality and Tourism Advisors will then be able to schedule grading visits to take place. Depending on what type of business you are, this may take the form of an incognito visit. At the end of the grading visit the QTA will provide you with instant feedback and advice about their experience.  

  5. 5

    Your award

    Following your grading visit you will receive confirmation of your Star Rating along with a detailed report containing tailored advice and guidance.  You will also be provided with an award plaque and electronic logos so that you can shout about your new Quality Assurance Award. 

    You will want to shout about your Stars – view our top tips on promoting your award effectively

Still not sure if Quality Assurance is for you?

We recognise that for some businesses joining a quality assurance scheme can be new experience and maybe even a little daunting. If you’re not quite at the point of making that leap – don’t worry, we’re here to help you!  

Would you like a call from one of our dedicated Quality Assurance team? We are always happy to try and answer any queries you might have. Email to arrange a convenient time for us to get in touch. 
Perhaps your business is brand new and you would like some pointers before your business is fully assessed for a star award, in which case you might be interested in our advisory services - find out more on our Advisory service page
Whatever your concerns, we are committed to working with you, so that you can start to enjoy the benefits of Quality Assurance. 

Schedule of Conditions

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