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How you can promote sustainable and responsible tourism

In Scotland, almost three quarter of residents agree that climate change is an immediate and urgent problem. So, there’s a real opportunity for businesses to shout about their eco experiences and cater for a market that recognises the need for action.

We’re asking the industry to prioritise responsible and sustainable growth. Help Scotland become a world-class low carbon destination - the best one for responsible tourism.


Make sure to share your story with your customers, who want to travel more sustainably. Let people know what you’re doing and that you have committed to this journey, and help them to reduce their carbon emissions when visiting.

Foster collaboration and ensure that we learn from each other and can go faster and further in our collective journey to net zero.

We continue to be inspired by all the great work that many businesses are already undertaking.

Case study films | living responsible tourism

Check out these videoclips of businesses fostering green production or community practices:

Inclusive tourism case studies

Responsible visitors

We want to make sure Scotland’s natural beauty is preserved for future generations. This means:

  • Driving positive economic recovery
  • Ensuring people act in a responsible way
  • Minimising any negative impacts


Most people treat our country and communities with respect. A handful acts in irresponsible and anti-social ways with potentially damaging long-term consequences.

We're working alongside partner organisations across Scotland. Using our channels, we encourage responsible behaviour and inform people on how to be a responsible visitor. Think of our responsible tourism campaign or how we amplify campaigns of other organisations that align with our vision.


  • #GiveYourLitterALift

    Take action on roadside litter. Offer your business or organisation a voice to support this campaign by Keep Scotland Beautiful.

  • #BinYourLitter

    Check out Zero Waste Scotland's anti-littering campaign. It urges visitors to preserve Scotland's natural beauty and wildlife.

    It is backed by the Scottish Government and Keep Scotland Beautiful.

  • #TakItHame

    Mountaineering Scotland’s campaign urges people to think twice about what they take into the hills with them to avoid leaving any litter.

    It also has pick up tips for any found litter safely – using pickers, gloves, hand sanitiser, etc.

  • Safer Summer

    The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service want everyone to have an enjoyable and safe summer.

    They have simple steps to help protect visitors from danger.

Share the water safety message

  • #BeBeachSafe

    In the summer, water temperatures can still be lethally cold, and the sea can have unpredictable waves and rip currents.

    If you’re a business close to or by the sea, please share the RNLI’s life saving tips.

  • #RespectOurReservoirs

    Bodies of water are inviting to cool down on a warm day. Scottish Water highlights the importance of being responsible around them.

    Reservoirs in particular hold many hidden dangers.

  • #PlasticChallenge

    Tonnes of plastics end up in the ocean each year. Businesses and organisations can play their part in reducing this down.

    Sign up and set your business a target to cut down on plastic.

Safety around our famous landscapes

  • Promoting mountain safety

    Mountaineering Scotland has useful resources for inexperienced walkers.

    If you cater for or have links with walkers in any way, you can use these to boost their visitor experience.

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